Opening Doors Closing Business Deals Online

Social networking sites that emphasize business offer powerful tools for finding new customers,​ recruiting new employees,​ generating interest in​ your business proposition and even finding a​ new business partner.

You can search for new contacts based on​ their business,​ location,​ interests,​ experience or​ even their past employment.

I have often started dialogue with some people through their blogs and articles. When somebody writes something interesting I often click on​ their profile to​ find out more about the​ writer.

Sometimes I send a​ private message and if​ they reply then we are now connected. a​ real relationship is​ more than just about one message sent and one received online. Real relationships form when several messages have been exchanged and either a​ phone call or​ a​ meeting follows to​ start discussing potential avenues of​ business.

I believe in​ the​ theory of​ random connections so I do not only connect with people that are obviously in​ the​ same line of​ business. I try to​ connect with people from all walks of​ life if​ I find that we have something in​ common whether it​ is​ a​ liking for the​ same type of​ music or​ even a​ common interest in​ some topical issues.

If I have not had the​ time to​ pick up the​ phone and give you​ a​ call,​ and you​ would like to​ discuss something,​ do not hesitate to​ call me. I promise I do not bite and you​ never know what the​ initial call might lead to.

Doing business on​ social networking sites is​ also about how well you​ can manage your profile; connect it​ to​ your marketing and your articles and blogs. you​ do not need to​ be an​ expert writer though. What is​ important is​ the​ ability to​ express in​ words the​ thoughts that are on​ your mind. One word of​ warning here; it​ can be very easy for somebody to​ misinterpret what you​ are trying to​ communicate online so clear up any confusion immediately and do not allow it​ to​ fester.

Unfortunately many people new to​ business networking approach it​ completely the​ wrong way. They are very antisocial,​ just thinking about me,​ me & what's in​ it​ for me. the​ more established members of​ these sites see people like this all the​ time. They come in​ like a​ firework and soon explode and their light fades until they are a​ distant memory.

People join social business networking site for a​ variety of​ reasons but one of​ the​ main ones is​ to​ advertise their wares to​ you. They did not join to​ receive your advertisements! Bear this in​ mind in​ all your blogs,​ articles and messages. Generate interest in​ your business proposition so that others are compelled to​ ask what you​ do. at​ this point you​ can feel free to​ give them your marketing spiel but keep it​ short the​ first time.


Open the​ Door - write interesting blogs / articles,​ read other peoples profiles,​ get in​ touch via private message when you​ find that you​ have something in​ common and then after a​ couple of​ exchanges pick up the​ phone to​ start real discussions.

Doing Business Online - Do not wade in​ with your marketing spiel but arouse interest and when the​ other party asks what you​ do,​ keep it​ short but informative. This way you​ will generate trust and you​ will be one step closer to:

Closing the​ Deal - Many smaller transactions can be done via the​ phone & email but a​ meeting is​ often required to​ close a​ larger deal.
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