Offline Advertising For Your Online Business Cheap Strategies

I'll tell you​ a​ secret that you​ can use within ten minutes that could substantially benefit your business. And it's strange because,​ unless you​ happen to​ live within ten minutes of​ me,​ there's no way you​ can compete with me or​ steal this almost zero cost,​ local traffic (and if​ you​ do live nearby,​ stay off my turf or​ I'll break your legs). you​ can however do exactly the​ same in​ your local area without fear of​ me coming round your place with hired goons and a​ baseball bat.

Recently,​ I've been getting my house renovated (if ever you​ wish to​ go grey with alarming speed,​ this is​ the​ way to​ do it). it​ means I've had to​ go to​ a​ very popular hardware store near my house countless times. This hardware store gets tens of​ thousands of​ customers every week. That's what I like to​ call offline traffic (there's loads of​ it​ about and pretty soon,​ you're going to​ learn how to​ harvest it). a​ while ago I noticed that this hardware store had an​ advertising podium on​ a​ very prolific spot near the​ tills. I had seen loads of​ people buzzing around it​ before,​ checking out the​ various advertisers displayed. it​ costs £20 to​ place an​ ad there for a​ whole week.

Did I place an​ advert? Most certainly - but I put it​ with a​ very specific SPIN. you​ see,​ you​ have a​ lot of​ builders,​ plumbers,​ decorators (etc) visiting this store frequently. This is​ a​ group that is​ always looking for new business. a​ group that is​ not particularly tech-savvy. a​ group that are increasingly looking to​ set-up a​ web presence. in​ short,​ a​ group that would benefit greatly from my site design & promotion services. as​ you​ might imagine,​ I placed the​ ad for website design services targeted to​ this group. the​ response? Far more than my design team (currently one person) could handle. And a​ bunch of​ leads pestering me to​ let them know the​ minute I had availability to​ service their order. Now I don't know about you,​ but that's the​ kind of​ result I like from twenty bucks of​ advertising.

Now this method is​ one very small strategy you​ can employ to​ get big gains for your online business using offline advertising. I could literally think up HUNDREDS of​ variances to​ this theme. you​ see,​ many physical stores that get tonnes of​ customers offer these advert spaces and you​ can benefit from them in​ a​ pretty big way:

- Place an​ advert in​ the​ popular health store and drive traffic to​ your highly related health food website. Immediately you​ have targeted traffic that will click away at​ your Adsense displays,​ affiliate links & purchase your health eBooks.

- Put an​ advert around local gyms and get traffic to​ your fitness website with the​ same results.

- Place your "make money" type adverts around smaller newsagents (one ad I place costs me £2 [about $4] a​ month) and watch the​ steady flow of​ traffic come in.

You get the​ idea. And this is​ just ONE offline strategy. There are countless other ways to​ drive traffic & sales to​ your online business. Here are a​ few additional ones for you​ to​ consider:

- Classified adverts placed in​ local papers & magazines.

- Radio & TV ads - contrary to​ popular belief,​ there are affordable radio & tv adverts available to​ suit your product.

- Flyers - very inexpensive to​ get out,​ yet can be incredibly responsive depending on​ the​ type of​ niche you're in.

- Coupons - issue coupons that can be redeemed at​ your site

And believe it​ or​ not there are even more. Hopefully,​ this article has taught you​ that just because you​ have an​ online business doesn't mean you​ should turn your back to​ offline advertising. in​ fact,​ these rather ignored strategies can account for the​ bulk of​ your traffic,​ subscribers and customers once you​ put them into place.
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