Nutritional Value Of These 7 Key Fruits

Nutritional Value of​ These 7 Key Fruits
Fruit is​ a​ great way to​ start eating more nutrition and​ eating at ​ least five to​ nine servings can make a​ big difference in​ the​ way you​ feel. ​
Some fruits are more nutritionally valuable than others. ​
We will discuss some of​ the​ most nutritious fruits and​ why they are so good for you.
A is​ for Apple
We have all heard the​ expression,​ an apple a​ day keeps the​ doctor away. ​
This might not be entirely true,​ but eating apples is​ a​ great way for you​ to​ get the​ fiber you​ need in​ your diet. ​
They are delicious and​ readily available all year around. ​
Apples also contain pectin and​ that aids in​ lowering the​ bad cholesterol. ​
They are also known to​ contain flavenoids that are beneficial to​ fighting cancer. ​
it​ is​ better to​ eat a​ fresh apple rather than drink apple juice. ​
The reason behind this is​ that some of​ the​ nutrients and​ important minerals may be lost during the​ processing. ​

A is​ also for Apricots
Apricots are chock full of​ zinc,​ folic acid,​ vitamins a​ and​ K,​ calcium and​ protein. ​
They are also very high in​ beta carotene,​ fiber and​ potassium. ​
Apricots are often found on​ the​ top ten lists for fruits and​ you​ can purchase them fresh,​ canned or​ dried. ​
Eating dried apricots will give you​ an excellent source of​ essential nutrients. ​
if ​ you​ are going to​ purchase dried apricots,​ it​ is​ good to​ read the​ label. ​
You will want to​ avoid those dried apricots that are laden with chemicals and​ preservatives. ​
The best place to​ purchase dried apricots or​ any other dried fruit is​ from a​ health food store or​ a​ natural market. ​
You will find a​ large selection of​ tasty treats that contain no additives; just the​ valuable nutrients you​ need in​ order for your body to​ perform in​ peak condition.
An Avocado is​ a​ Fruit Too
Many people mistakenly think of​ avocados as​ a​ vegetable when in​ reality they are a​ fruit. ​
An avocado is​ considered a​ super fruit and​ is​ loaded with zinc,​ riboflavin,​ thiamin and​ niacin to​ name just a​ few of​ the​ important nutrients that an avocado has. ​
Avocados are great for growing kids. ​
Those who are conscious of​ their weight may want to​ forgo avocados because of​ their high calorie content. ​
They also have a​ high fat count,​ but it​ is​ the​ heart healthy monounsaturated fats such as​ the​ Omega 3 fatty acid,​ an important brain food. ​
Avocados can be eaten fresh after they have been peeled,​ or​ can be made into guacamole by adding garlic,​ onions and​ tomatoes.
Start Monkeying Around
Bananas are high in​ potassium and​ can aid in​ those people who take such medications as​ diuretics which are known to​ deplete the​ potassium from your body. ​
They are easily mashed for easy consumption for babies and​ toddlers and​ because you​ have to​ peel one before you​ eat it,​ they will not contain pesticides that many other fruits are vulnerable to. ​
a​ banana is​ a​ handy snack for eating on​ the​ go and​ keeping a​ supply of​ them in​ your home will make snack time a​ snap.
For many years,​ blueberries have been thought of​ as​ a​ tasty summertime treat. ​
We now know that blueberries can pack a​ lot of​ punch because of​ the​ anthocyanin,​ a​ cancer fighting antioxidant that can be found in​ the​ skin. ​
They are a​ tasty addition to​ any health conscious persons diet and​ can make many other foods even tastier with their addition. ​
You can add blueberries to​ a​ salad,​ cereal or​ ice cream or​ use them to​ make your fruit smoothie even more delicious. ​
Adding blueberries to​ your diet whether fresh or​ frozen is​ a​ great nutritional step for you​ to​ take.
Cantaloupe Tonight,​ My Father is​ Using the​ Ladder
Cantaloupes are not only juicy and​ delicious; they are high in​ potassium,​ vitamin C and​ beta carotene. ​
Melon that is​ fresh can be enjoyed in​ a​ variety of​ ways and​ is​ nutrition that is​ tasty as​ well as​ good for you. ​
There are other varieties of​ melon,​ but cantaloupe is​ a​ melon that you​ can trust to​ give you​ the​ healthy nutrients you​ need.
Eating grapefruit has long been a​ staple of​ dieters. ​
it​ is​ a​ fruit that is​ high in​ fiber yet low in​ calories. ​
The best grapefruit for you​ are the​ red or​ pink type. ​
So if ​ you​ have a​ choice,​ opt for these instead of​ the​ white variety. ​
There is​ a​ lot of​ fiber packed into the​ strings that attach the​ grapefruit segments,​ so do yourself a​ favor and​ don’t use a​ spoon to​ scoop out the​ tasty flesh.
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