Nutritional Supplements And False Claims Perfect Together

Nutritional Supplements and False Claims,​ Perfect Together!
New miracle breakthrough weight loss pill! Just sit back and watch the​ fat melt right off of​ you. Eat anything you​ want,​ eat as​ much as​ you​ want and still lose weight with this new,​ scientifically proven fat burning formula.
Do you​ want the​ strength of​ a​ rhino? Would you​ like to​ have a​ rock hard,​ chiseled set of​ abs? How would you​ like to​ be the​ owner of​ 32 inch biceps? All of​ this and more can be yours in​ only 60 days with the​ help of​ our new,​ barely legal muscle building formula!
If you​ had a​ dollar for every time you’ve heard advertisements that sound like this,​ you​ would probably have a​ tidy little sum in​ your bank account by now. Just read any fitness or​ health magazine and you​ will notice that it​ seems as​ though half of​ the​ entire publication is​ nothing but ads for dozens of​ nutritional supplements. if​ you​ ever paid any attention to​ these ads,​ you​ will notice that just about all of​ them make some pretty outrageous claims as​ to​ what their products will do.

Now,​ there are some good supplements out there that can help give you​ a​ little extra boost in​ performance or​ supply some decent nutritional value to​ help you​ out with weight loss,​ but you​ have to​ know which ones to​ avoid so you​ can find your way to​ the​ ones that are worth using. Here are some things to​ look for that will tell you​ which ones to​ steer clear of.
The first obvious thing is,​ if​ the​ product claims to​ give you​ amazing results that just sound too good to​ be true,​ you​ will be disappointed with your purchase. While people want to​ believe there are magical solutions to​ weight loss and improved fitness,​ a​ good exercise regiment and proper diet is​ still the​ main ingredient.
You also need to​ be aware of​ the​ so called experts who endorse these products. What degree or​ certification do they have? What is​ their degree or​ certification specializing in? Did they get their degree or​ certification from a​ reputable organization?
Often,​ these products will rely heavily on​ testimonials and shaky evidence to​ convince you​ that their bogus claims are real. Testimonials are usually unreliable because they are often biased. Reputable experts such as​ scientists will report the​ results of​ their studies in​ medical journals so others can review and evaluate them. if​ there is​ no documentation in​ any medical journals,​ don’t believe their experts ramblings on​ the​ product.
Another sure fire way to​ know that a​ product is​ not on​ the​ level is​ to​ look for some key words. People tend to​ always believe that all of​ these products on​ the​ market have been inspected by the​ FDA to​ be safe and effective,​ but the​ fact is,​ the​ FDA does not have much jurisdiction over most of​ these products because of​ their claims that their product is​ herbal or​ natural. People often will believe that ads in​ magazines,​ on​ radio and especially on​ television are proof positive that they work.
Avoid any products with the​ words fat burner,​ fat metabolizer,​ performance or​ strength booster,​ energy enhancer,​ anabolic or​ genetic optimizer or​ ergogenic aid. Not one of​ these types of​ products has ever been proven to​ be effective or​ safe. Some have even been proven to​ be dangerous like in​ the​ somewhat recent deaths involving products like phen fen and redux.
The bottom line is​ this; every year new products are coming out on​ the​ market. Most of​ these are backed by little or​ no real research as​ to​ their effectiveness or​ side effects. as​ long as​ they make no medical claims,​ they are not classified as​ a​ ​Drug​,​ meaning the​ FDA does not evaluate them for effectiveness or​ safety. if​ you​ do feel you​ want to​ use any supplements,​ choose ones that make no lofty claims.
Look for products that only claim to​ boost calories or​ can be used as​ occasional meal replacements like protein powders,​ or​ claim to​ supplement nutrition like multivitamins. Don’t let yourself fall victim to​ false advertising schemes made by companies only looking to​ help you​ find useless ways to​ spend your hard earned money.
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