Nutritional Cleansing Vs Fad Diets

Nutritional Cleansing vs. Fad Diets

The United States is​ in​ a​ true health crisis. ​
We are sicker and​ more overweight than ever before and​ these issues cannot be ignored. ​
The United States is​ the​ epicenter of​ an obesity pandemic and​ as​ more countries adapt to​ a​ Western Lifestyle,​ rates of​ obesity and​ associated health problems will continue rising steadily in​ both adults and​ children.
According to​ the​ Journal of​ American Medical Association,​ obesity,​ poor physical activity and​ resultant associated illness are overtaking tobacco as​ the​ leading cause of​ preventable death in​ this country.
In 2000,​ obesity and​ inactivity caused 400,​000 deaths,​ ore than 16. ​
Obesity cost America $117 billion in​ 2000 according to​ the​ surgeon general. ​
Now more than ever people are looking to​ address this battle of​ the​ bulge and​ many of​ us will look toward a​ fad diet to​ help with these excess pounds.
FAD DIETS a​ YoYo Effect on​ Your Body
Fad diets are not the​ answer for longterm health or​ weight management. ​
Many serious issues surround these quickfix plans that do not address internal health or​ nutritional rejuvenation. ​
Many health experts believe that fad dieting places stress on​ your body and​ that the​ repeated stress of​ losing and​ gaining weight may be just as​ bad for longterm health as​ being overweight.
Fad Diets Vs Nutritional Cleansing
Fad Diets
Often nutrient deficient
Quick Fix
YoYo effect
Continued cravings
Nutritionally restrictive
Focuses on​ weight loss
Does not enforce good eating habits
Stresses the​ body
Nutritional Cleansing
Gives the​ body MORE nutrientrich protein,​ carbs essential fats and​ minerals
Longterm lifestyle approach to​ internal health
Weight management stability
Balances brain chemistry to​ decrease cravings
Floods the​ body with highgrade nutrients
Focuses on​ quality of​ life and​ longevity
Enforces great longterm nutritional habits
Fuels the​ body
Instead of​ simply targeting weight loss,​ one should focus on​ achieving overall internal health,​ which is​ all about balancing and​ fueling the​ body.
Wellness involves a​ change in​ lifestyle. ​
True,​ longterm weight management is​ feasible if ​ you​ practice fueling the​ body with the​ right nutrients,​ staying hydrated,​ engage in​ daily physical activities and​ help the​ body cleanse accumulated impurities.
The body needs internal balance and​ nutrient fuel to​ maintain normal blood glucose levels and​ the​ brain requires highgrade nutrients for sustained mental work.
Cleansing and​ refueling the​ body is​ what I ​ call the​ antifad diet approach to​ health and​ weight management. ​
Cleansing the​ body at ​ an internal level is​ a​ hot topic,​ and​ for good reason. ​
it​ makes perfect sense. ​
We live in​ a​ very toxic world and​ unless you​ live in​ a​ bubble,​ your body is​ continually suffering the​ detrimental effects of​ these dangerous,​ often deadly poisons. ​

Why cleanse,​ you​ ask?
Think about these issues
Our world is​ full of​ herbicides,​ petrochemicals,​ hydrocarbons,​ heavy metals,​ food additives and​ synthetic ​Drug​s. ​
These overabundant toxins can have an adverse effect on​ our cells,​ internal organs and,​ ultimately,​ our state of​ health
Animals raised for consumption in​ factory farms are often injected with large amounts of​ hormones,​ steroids and​ antibiotics. ​
Over 20 million pounds of​ antibiotics were injected into our farm animals last year alone
There are so many insecticides and​ pesticides on​ our fruits and​ vegetables that these noxious chemicals seem to​ have become part of​ our food chain. ​
Adults and,​ sadly,​ even our children are chronically exposed to​ these substances. ​
Everything we eat or​ drink has a​ direct effect on​ our health. ​
The typical American diet is​ destroying our digestive systems and​ leading to​ other chronis problems in​ the​ body
The Proper Balance is​ the​ Key
A wellrounded nutritional program should provide balance and​ complete nourishment for our cells and​ vital organs. ​
a​ balanced program should include amino acids to​ increase energy,​ support the​ immune system and​ help mental focus. ​
Meal replacement protein shakes should contain a​ balance of​ protein,​ essential fats and​ carbohydrates to​ enhance metabolism and​ assist with weight management. ​
Herbs and​ a​ complete range of​ vitamins can be used to​ help the​ body cleanse and​ strengthen internally. ​
Trace ionic minerals are also important to​ fuel our cells and​ aid the​ digestive tract in​ optimum absorption of​ nutrients.
Many options are available when introducing your body to​ a​ wellrounded,​ safe nutritional program. ​
The program should address cleansing and​ nourishing the​ body,​ not starving it. ​
Exercising,​ eating well and​ hydration are also key components of​ any healthoriented program. ​
Research your options and​ choose a​ program that is​ best for you.
Personal fitness trainers and​ nutritionists are excellent sources of​ information about the​ importance of​ nutritional cleansing and​ many highly recommend the​ use of​ the​ Isagenix system.
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