Nutrition Zeroes Or Heroes Four Misunderstood Foods

Nutrition Zeroes or​ Heroes? Four Misunderstood Foods
While superfoods like blueberries,​ tomatoes and spinach have achieved the​ nutrition equivalent of​ celebrity status,​ other fruits and vegetables generate little excitement and even confusion.
The researchers and scientists at​ the​ Dole Nutrition Institute took another look at​ several foods commonly regarded as​ nutrition zeroes and found out that some of​ them are actually nutrition heroes. Here is​ a​ list of​ four underappreciated and even misunderstood fruits and veggies that deserve a​ place on​ your plate
* Avocados Some of​ the​ smartest folks I ​ know avoid avocados as​ high fat foods,​ but the​ monounsaturated fat in​ avocados protects your heart by lowering LDL bad cholesterol while raising HDL good cholesterol. Avocados also contain fiber and the​ phytonutrient betasitosterol,​ which also help control cholesterol,​ and lutein,​ which promotes eye health.
Looking for a​ food source of​ vitamin E? Avocados have the​ highest grampergram content of​ this powerful antioxidant. Finally,​ if​ there was a​ superfood for your liver category,​ avocados just might qualify. in​ one Japanese study,​ avocados beat out 22 other fruits as​ the​ best defense against liver damage.
* Celery a​ dieters standby,​ celery is​ often dismissed as​ a​ nutrition nonentity. But it​ turns out that two stalks provide an excellent source of​ vitamin K and a​ good source of​ vitamin C,​ folate and potassium all for just 20 calories. Celery is​ also loaded with phytonutrients such as​ quercetin,​ which promotes prostate and brain health,​ and apigenin,​ which may help slow prostate tumor growth.
* Parsley Regarded as​ little more than a​ garnish,​ parsley actually packs a​ powerful nutrition punch. Just 1/4 cup provides more than 300 percent of​ the​ Daily Value of​ vitamin K and contains an excellent source of​ vitamins a​ and C.
Parsley is​ also a​ top source of​ the​ antioxidant flavonoid apigenin,​ which,​ in​ addition to​ protecting the​ prostate,​ may also help reduce the​ risk of​ breast,​ colon,​ skin and thyroid cancers. Parsleys abundance of​ phytonutrients betacarotene,​ lutein and zeaxanthin can help safeguard your sight,​ and chewing on​ a​ sprig can help freshen your breath.
* Potatoes the​ fact that spuds are Americas favorite vegetables wouldnt be so bad if​ they werent usually deepfried,​ processed and drowned in​ saturated fat. in​ fact,​ a​ medium baked potato with skin has 163 calories,​ no fat,​ and provides an excellent source of​ potassium and vitamin C,​ plus a​ good source of​ fiber,​ magnesium,​ copper,​ manganese,​ niacin,​ vitamin B6 and folate.
Potatoes also supply chlorogenic acid,​ a​ phytonutrient that may block the​ formation of​ carcinogenic nitrosamines and reduce the​ risk of​ liver and colon cancers. a​ recent British study discovered compounds in​ potatoes called kukoamines,​ which may help lower blood pressure levels. When eating a​ potato,​ leave the​ skin on​ for added fiber and nutrients.
So,​ if​ youve been dismissing one of​ these nutrition heroes as​ a​ zero,​ give it​ another chance and see if​ you​ dont end up feeling more hale and hearty yourself.
Jennifer Grossman is​ the​ director of​ the​ Dole Nutrition Institute. NU
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