Nutrition Spray

Nutrition Spray
This little helper entitled Rescue Remedy will not cause you​ to​ lose weight over the​ night. in​ fact,​ it​ will not cause you​ to​ lose or​ gain any weight at​ all consisting of​ natural ingredients,​ it​ is​ meant to​ relax and ease you. Why can’t you​ do it​ yourself you​ ask? That’s a​ question worth exploring,​ but putting that aside,​ it​ turns out that most of​ the​ human population tend to​ feel tensions under these or​ other conditions.
Not so long ago one of​ my best friends got married,​ a​ few hours before the​ ceremony began,​ her then groom declared that he does not intend to​ dance at​ the​ wedding. you​ can only imagine her condition after hearing the​ news tears were about to​ ruin her makeup,​ breathing difficulties and a​ general bad mood threatened to​ ruin the​ whole wedding. And just then,​ luckily for her,​ her mother came to​ the​ rescue with the​ terrific relaxing spray.
A few drops of​ the​ potion made her come to​ her senses. Needless to​ add,​ her husband danced after all,​ quite well too…men! Now besides weddings and other such extremes,​ there are everyday life stresses exams,​ blind dates,​ job interviews,​ etc. Bach presents an herbal mixture,​ 4 drops few times a​ day. Begin the​ process a​ few days before the​ stressful event,​ and use it​ on​ the​ very day of​ it​ also. Although it​ is​ not a​ nutrition spray,​ it​ could lower your stress level and help you​ keep on​ proper nutrition.
Dr. Bach wants to​ comfort and reassure you​ from unnecessary stresses and uncomfortable situations. the​ spray causes no side affects,​ doesn’t make you​ sleepy,​ is​ not addictive,​ cannot be overdosed and is​ safe for usage at​ any age. it​ is​ said to​ be as​ relaxing as​ Yoga…so breath deeply,​ put 4 drop on​ your tongue and you’re set to​ go!
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