Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts
Facts about nutrition are becoming important to​ a​ greater number of​ people and that is​ terrific news for your health. There is​ an old saying that states you​ are what you​ eat. This holds true today just as​ it​ did centuries ago; even if​ it​ was originally coined when the​ majority of​ people received insufficient food. Today it​ refers more to​ the​ worldwide trend of​ overeating.
Fortunately packaging now gives more advice on​ calories and servings. the​ major fault is​ that we ignore serving sizes; many people are quite happy to​ eat double size servings and then wonder why the​ pounds keep going on​ and the​ inward curves turn outward.
The new US label regulations force manufacturers to​ be more open with Nutrition facts and here are few tips concerning what you​ should check on​ the​ label.
Check serving size and use it. This figure is​ nutritional fact.
Check calories. a​ healthy adult requires at​ least 2,​000 each day in​ total. Try to​ keep it​ below 2,​750. the​ average American adult currently eats around 3,​500 calories each day.
Avoid sugars. Sugar is​ calorie high and each one of​ us should check whether we need the​ amount of​ sugar that we use. I ​ avoid sugar in​ beverages so that I ​ can eat sweet things from time to​ time.
Know your fats. Foods that are low in​ saturated fats,​ transfats and cholesterol are good foods and will help reduce the​ risk of​ heart disease. 5% DV or​ less is​ low,​ 20%DV or​ more is​ high. Most of​ the​ fats you​ eat should be polyunsaturated or​ monounsaturated fats. Keep total fat intake between 20% and 35% of​ total calories.
Reduce salt intake. Research indicates that our total sodium salt intake should never exceed 2,​300 milligrams about 1 teaspoon each day to​ reduce the​ risk of​ high blood pressure. you​ should also know that the​ majority of​ salt is​ taken in​ from processed foods rather than from the​ saltshaker. Watch those processed foods. Also look for foods that are high in​ potassium because they counteract the​ effects of​ salt on​ blood pressure.
Finally we come to​ exercise. the​ whole world seems to​ have forgotten how important it​ is​ to​ exercise and exercise burns calories which reduces weight. We should slowly work our way up to​ one hour of​ exercise each day. This can be done in​ 12 fiveminute periods or​ 6 tenminute periods until you​ are able to​ exercise for longer periods.
If you​ are looking to​ lose weight you​ will find more articles in​ our News Blogs articles section.
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