Now Or Later Taking Advantage Of Mortgage Rates

Now or​ Later? Taking Advantage of​ Mortgage Rates
Have you​ ever heard the​ story of​ the​ guy who always held out until tomorrow because he was certain mortgage rates were going to​ go lower? He waited his entire life and ended up dying with plenty of​ money,​ but living in​ an​ apartment .​
Sort of​ defeats the​ purpose of​ saving money to​ buy a​ home,​ doesn't it? a​ lot of​ us are like this fellow,​ we are constantly waiting around for the​ best deal to​ come along .​
We are certain we can wait out the​ market - little do we realize the​ market can long outlive us!
Mortgage rates,​ compared to​ ten years ago,​ are still at​ one of​ the​ lowest rates ever despite weakening economic conditions around the​ world .​
30-year fixed mortgage rates typically are settling between 5.5 and 6.05 percent .​
Compare that to​ just four years ago when some rates were as​ high as​ 6.8 percent .​
Of course,​ as​ with any financial tool,​ the​ mortgage rate is​ always going to​ be in​ flux .​
the​ good news for many homeowners is​ that when the​ number does drop substantially,​ usually by 3/4ths of​ a​ point or​ more,​ the​ opportunity is​ there for them to​ refinance into the​ lower rate .​
It's almost like being able to​ have your cake and eating it​ too!
There is​ no better investment you​ can ever make than buying a​ home for your family .​
Homes are an​ investment that,​ over time,​ will gain in​ value .​
Real estate is​ one of​ the​ safest investments you​ can make .​
Even though there is​ a​ lot of​ news nowadays about the​ real estate fallout with sub-prime mortgages and such,​ most consumers who manage their credit and finances correctly can avoid having to​ deal with any of​ that .​
Knowing how much house you​ can afford,​ and what payments you​ can comfortably meet will ensure that you​ don't become another statistics in​ the​ mortgage industry reports.
One thing to​ remember is​ that the​ future value of​ a​ dollar is​ always less .​
If I​ gave you​ the​ choice of​ giving you​ $100 today or​ $100 next year,​ the​ $100 I​ give you​ today is​ going to​ be worth more and will have more buying power .​
the​ same goes with a​ house - waiting to​ buy a​ house because you​ think the​ market is​ too volatile right now could be a​ big mistake .​
If your finances are in​ order and you​ are on​ solid ground with your credit,​ this make the​ perfect time to​ take advantage of​ the​ low mortgage rates and get a​ great deal in​ the​ real estate market.
By knowing what is​ going on​ in​ the​ mortgage industry you​ can help yourself get a​ great deal on​ the​ property of​ your dreams .​
Taking advantage of​ the​ rates available today can help you​ secure your family's financial future for years to​ come .​
Sometimes despite all the​ negative news you​ might hear about the​ real estate market the​ fact of​ the​ matter remains that people who have kept up with their finances are going to​ benefit greatly from the​ housing market as​ it​ stands today .​
So why shouldn't you​ as​ well?
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