Niche Marketing Opportunity In Ebook Translation

Frankly speaking,​ I have no idea how well I would have done when I first launched my first ebook in​ Malay (my mother tongue). as​ far as​ I know,​ there has been no one using this technique to​ sell an​ ebook in​ my country.

So,​ can I claim the​ pioneer status of​ translating a​ best-seller book into an​ online ebook business? :)

To update you​ on​ the​ sales,​ well,​ it's not as​ much as​ you​ would have done in​ the​ international market (English language) as​ the​ market here is​ limited and the​ currency is​ about 3.62 to​ $1 USD. But,​ roughly I'm more than happy to​ see that people are accepting this ebook and they are buying it​ online.

USD$450 of​ over 50 orders in​ 2 days is​ not that bad for my first attempt - for the​ market which is​ still uncomfortable to​ buy online.

A lot of​ people are talking about niche marketing on​ the​ internet,​ but less people cover this topic because not many people are doing it​ anyway.

So,​ I'm opening up an​ opportunity for you​ to​ venture into another niche which is​ not so much tapped into yet.

Get together with those who are in​ your niche and probably exchange your existing product to​ be translated into a​ different language.

For example,​ you​ might have a​ friend who could speak Spanish and he has an​ ebook in​ the​ Spanish language. you​ have an​ ebook of​ the​ same niche in​ English. Well,​ you​ can now exchange the​ ebook,​ allow rights to​ each other to​ sell the​ translated versions and suddenly 2 ebooks have become 4.

What more? Your original author status stays and you​ can become popular in​ a​ new foreign market.

Just because your translated version has less market compare to​ yours (assuming that your market is​ huge),​ you​ might think that it​ is​ a​ losing deal for you.

No! It's really the​ opposite.

A lot of​ people are multilingual. I am bilingual and there are millions of​ them like me in​ my country.

I'm sure my introduction to​ the​ translated ebook will spark a​ lot of​ interest on​ the​ original author of​ the​ ebook. And,​ guess what? They will look for this author online and find out more about his products out of​ curiosity or​ because they want to​ learn more from him.

Since language is​ not a​ problem to​ these bilinguals,​ they will buy more products from him.

Can you​ see the​ beauty of​ this business approach?

My translated ebook helps to​ promote the​ original author and I get to​ be associated with a​ great person in​ my industry. What more can you​ ask for?
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