Niche Marketing Mini Sites Making Money Online

Over the​ last two years I've built two profitable niche websites and it​ wasn't quick or​ easy. I can attest to​ the​ experience of​ other successful niche marketers who report it​ takes about two years to​ achieve a​ 4 figure monthly income.

Along the​ way your patience is​ put to​ the​ test by daily income reports that never seem to​ budge and you​ start to​ wonder if​ it's all just a​ big waste of​ time. if​ you're a​ first time entrepreneur,​ waiting for your hard work to​ achieve critical mass and explosive earnings can be maddening.

When I built my first website the​ prevailing wisdom was to​ build a​ large,​ 50+ page content rich website. With 25 years of​ off line business experience behind me,​ I was prepared for whatever this new internet marketing business model threw at​ me. And after 3 or​ 4 months of​ part time work I got my first check from Google.

But this isn't everyone's cup of​ tea,​ especially if​ you're just itching to​ get started and can't wait to​ see those five fabulous words: Pay to​ the​ order of.

The problem is​ finding a​ comprehensive,​ A-Z program that matches the​ skills,​ financial goals and,​ most importantly,​ the​ enthusiasm of​ developing entrepreneurs.

Enter the​ Niche Marketing Mini-Site

First and foremost,​ what really turns me on​ about the​ Mini-Site concept is​ all you​ have to​ do is​ build a​ one page website. This is​ as​ quick and easy as​ it​ gets!

Depending on​ the​ profitability of​ the​ niche you​ choose,​ the​ earnings from one mini site probably won't equal those of​ a​ mega-site,​ but collectively they can add up to​ big bucks: One-one page site at​ a​ time.

How to​ Evaluate Niche Marketing Mini-Site Programs

What you​ DON'T want is​ one of​ those boiler plate,​ look a​ like internet marketing sites that thousands (millions?) of​ others have slapped up on​ the​ web. It's almost impossible to​ make money with this type of​ site simply because the​ competition is​ overwhelming.

What you​ DO want is​ a​ Mini-Site based on​ a​ niche product or​ service with high consumer interest and the​ least amount of​ competition. Any Mini-Site program worth its salt will show you​ exactly how to​ use supply and demand to​ find these over looked opportunities.

Once you've found a​ profitable niche,​ you'll want help building your website – even if​ it's only one page. a​ worthwhile Mine-Site program will either offer a​ template you​ can optimize for your niche,​ or​ step by step instructions for creating a​ landing page.

The final step is​ promoting your soon to​ be profitable Mini-Site. the​ whole idea behind a​ Mini-Site is​ quick and easy,​ but if​ you​ aren't shown the​ most effective techniques to​ promote your site,​ you​ could easily waste hundreds of​ hours promoting a​ site that took only 3 hours to​ build!

A comprehensive Mini-Site program should also include time tested,​ inexpensive,​ and effective methods to​ promote your online business.

Just one more thing – I highly recommend the​ Mini-Site Niche Marketing concept as​ the​ quickest,​ easiest,​ and least expensive method to​ earn substantial cash online.
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