Niche Marketing How To Contact Your Audience

Niche Marketing - How to​ Contact Your Audience
Is your website targeting a​ niche market?
Whether you​ are following the​ advice of​ top Internet Marketers or​ if​ you​ just happened to​ have a​ business that caters to​ a​ very specific target audience,​ you​ must be able to​ find them,​ and they must be able to​ find you​ .​
One of​ the​ joys of​ niche marketing is​ the​ luxury of​ tapping into a​ favorite hobby,​ occupation or​ expertise and building a​ business around it .​
If you​ are expanding an​ existing off-line business by setting up a​ webpage you​ may find your most valuable contacts right in​ your store .​
Make some brochures or​ cards that announce your online presence,​ or​ ask customers if​ they'd like to​ sign up for your online newsletter .​
Now you​ can contact your customers about new products,​ industry news or​ specials with no postage costs or​ time consuming envelope stuffing .​
Invite your subscribers to​ recommend the​ site to​ friends who are interested in​ the​ topic .​
Even better,​ have a​ place on​ your website to​ 'tell a​ friend' .​
Your visitor will enter their own email address and name as​ the​ sender of​ the​ message to​ avoid spam complaints .​
Warning - do not start emailing the​ invitee unless they sign up personally for your newsletter .​
Niche sites will really benefit from a​ newsletter .​
Create a​ small free gift,​ such as​ a​ special report or​ how-to manual that they will receive with their subscription .​
By providing valuable information related to​ your topic you​ will gain the​ trust of​ subscribers .​
By contacting them at​ least several times a​ year - up to​ once a​ week if​ possible - they will always be reminded of​ your website when looking for information or​ products in​ your niche .​
Create a​ website that has informative content .​
Incorporate the​ keywords (words or​ phrases visitors type into their search engines) into the​ content to​ improve your place in​ the​ search engines .​
Write articles that will set you​ up as​ an​ 'industry expert' .​
If you​ don't feel capable of​ writing them yourself you​ can hire a​ ghostwriter .​
End the​ article with your name,​ a​ comment about your business and a​ link to​ your website .​
Submit your article to​ relevant websites or​ ask if​ website owners would like to​ use your contribution .​
Be sure they agree to​ keep your name and website link intact .​
You may find discussion groups that cater to​ your market .​
Involve yourself in​ their conversations and attach a​ signature with your website address if​ the​ policies permit .​
Do not advertise on​ these groups,​ however you​ may be able to​ offer your free item when the​ situation allows .​
Try to​ determine where your market is​ .​
Are they parents? Retirees? Home owners? Pet lovers? If you​ are selling art supplies you​ may find hobby sites will cater to​ your audience .​
If you​ sell information for do-it-yourself projects you​ should show up in​ home decorating as​ well as​ financial sites ('Save Money on​ Home Building Projects!' for example) .​
Always look for new opportunities and offer your best,​ the​ rest will follow!
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