Network Marketing Why Is It So Great

Network Marketing - Why is​ it​ so great?
If you've ever heard of​ Network Marketing,​ you've probably heard it​ said that it​ is​ essentially a​ people's business .​
Some have also labeled it​ a​ people's franchise because of​ the​ similarities between the​ business models of​ network marketing and franchising .​
Advocates of​ the​ industry name it​ as​ the​ ultimate people's business and say there is​ nothing quite like it .​
People that are in​ network marketing will immediately respond positively to​ this.
One of​ the​ unique characteristics of​ the​ network marketing type of​ business is​ that every individual distributor is​ in​ business for themselves but never by themselves .​
They will always be part of​ a​ larger organization and the​ compensation models are designed in​ such a​ way that every person can count on​ some form of​ support from their upline .​
It is​ no secret that fortunes can be made in​ this type of​ business and many have done just that .​
Of course this is​ not the​ majority of​ network marketers,​ but every individual distributor does have the​ same chances .​
Success or​ failure in​ network marketing is​ not dictated by politics,​ race,​ age,​ background or​ gender,​ but always by results .​
In that respect it​ is​ probably also the​ fairest business model in​ the​ world .​
For many people however the​ true value of​ their home based business is​ not directly in​ the​ financial return .​
The lessons a​ person can learn while building his or​ her own network marketing business are truly priceless .​
Many people are totally transformed through the​ personal growth they experience as​ a​ direct result of​ their challenges in​ their MLM businesses .​
It forced them to​ get out of​ their comfort zones,​ grow,​ and in​ many cases become a​ better person .​
So what is​ so unique about network marketing in​ this respect? Doesn't every entrepreneur have to​ deal with challenges? the​ answer of​ course is: Yes,​ they do .​
And they also experience personal growth as​ a​ result from this .​
However there is​ a​ significant difference .​
Most entrepreneurs are self made and many of​ them learned their trade largely outside of​ formal education .​
Either they were taught by a​ family member,​ a​ mentor or​ perhaps they learned everything the​ hard way: by trial and error .​
Very rarely will you​ find an​ entrepreneur that has an​ extensive library of​ books and tapes on​ personal development .​
Most businesspeople don't attend seminars and motivational trainings .​
They think it's all a​ bunch of​ hype .​
While in​ some cases this can be true,​ there are many trainings and seminars that teach the​ principles of​ success better than any textbook found in​ business schools .​
One of​ the​ great things about network marketing is​ that this type of​ education is​ built into the​ training systems of​ all good companies .​
There is​ no business on​ the​ face of​ the​ earth that places such a​ strong and direct emphasis on​ the​ importance of​ personal development as​ the​ network marketing industry .​
Many companies might argue that they spend a​ great deal of​ their budget on​ education; training employees and as​ such assisting them in​ personal development but in​ most cases what they are actually talking about is​ personnel development .​
Although the​ words are almost identical,​ their meanings are vastly different .​
Network marketing is​ all about building people .​
It is​ probably the​ best school on​ the​ planet if​ you​ want to​ learn about what it​ takes to​ be successful in​ life and you​ don't need rich parents or​ some kind of​ scholarship to​ enroll.
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