Network Marketing Training Arm Your New Distributors For Success

Network Marketing Training -- Arm Your New Distributors for Success
Whether ’tis nobler in​ the​ mind to​ suffer
The slings and arrows of​ outrageous fortune
Or to​ take arms against a​ sea of​ troubles,​
And by opposing end them.
- William Shakespeare,​ Hamlet,​ Act III,​ Scene I​ (58-90)

Hamlet may not have been talking about network marketing,​ but his words do apply .​
Almost every network marketer has experienced the​ slings and arrows of​ the​ naysayers,​ those often well-meaning friends and relatives that stand in​ the​ way of​ our making an​ outrageous fortune! Experienced network marketers,​ clothed in​ the​ armor of​ past success,​ are less vulnerable to​ outside influences .​
The new distributor,​ however,​ is​ vulnerable,​ and that sea of​ troubles can act as​ a​ barrier to​ reaching their true potential.
What did the​ knights of​ old do to​ prevent an​ injury? That’s right – they armed themselves .​
Their armor was heavy and cumbersome,​ and they needed a​ squire to​ help them prepare for battle .​
Well,​ the​ same is​ true for your new distributors .​
While the​ armor they must use is​ less cumbersome than that of​ the​ knights,​ you​ must help them arm themselves for success .​
In other words,​ you​ must be their squire.
What do I​ mean by arming for success?
When a​ new distributor joins your network marketing organization,​ they are moving into an​ environment that demands strong armor .​
There are a​ lot of​ slings and arrows that can hurt their chances for success and create a​ sea of​ troubles -- of​ doubt,​ disbelief,​ even failure.
As Rich Dad,​ Poor Dad author Robert T .​
Kiyosaki points out,​ most people in​ this world are afraid to​ experience success .​
They are held back by negative thinking,​ and consequently suffer the​ pain of​ mediocrity .​
Because they have not been armed for success,​ and are more focused on​ security and survival,​ they subject themselves to​ a​ life of​ servitude and poverty and being someone else’s employee.
Arm your new distributors from negative thinking and potential disaster .​
How? By understanding why so many people are negative about network marketing and the​ prospects of​ the​ success it​ can bring.
Let’s face it .​
There are a​ lot of​ people out there that do not want you​ to​ become successful .​
When you​ are successful,​ you​ point out the​ lack of​ success in​ their lives .​
When you​ take away any excuses they’ve been hanging onto and you​ force them to​ look at​ their lives as​ they really are,​ it​ makes them very uncomfortable .​
You’ve heard of​ the​ expression Misery loves company .​
Well,​ it’s true.
Doug Firebaugh,​ network marketing guru,​ calls it​ the​ Unspoken Understanding,​ which is​ simply the​ silent agreement that most people have with each other,​ namely don't mention my mediocre life,​ and I​ won't mention yours .​
Your success and the​ success of​ your new distributors,​ just points out the​ naysayers’ mediocrity.
Leaders help others .​
If you​ are going to​ be successful in​ network marketing,​ you​ must arm your new distributors against people who will try to​ convince them their business won't work .​
Show your downline you​ want them to​ be successful .​
Encourage them .​
Show them how the​ most successful network marketers have achieved their success,​ and teach them to​ model those attitudes,​ habits,​ and actions .​
Remind your distributors that they are the​ CEO of​ their lives .​
Arm them with the​ power of​ positive thinking so they don’t let others live their lives for them with their negative attitudes.
To paraphrase Hamlet,​ by opposing negative thoughts,​ we end them .​
Bruce Bailey,​ Ph.D.
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