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Have you​ ever thought about changing careers? the​ growing trend is​ the​ establishment of​ home based businesses .​
This is​ not an​ area that I​ had any knowledge in,​ but I​ was getting exhausted commuting over one hundred miles a​ day to​ a​ job that I​ was no longer getting satisfaction from .​
I​ was getting paid a​ great salary,​ yet the​ amount of​ time I​ was spending away from home and my family was no longer worth it .​
I​ began looking around for a​ home based business that I​ could be involved in​ that would better my family life.
I do not have an​ experience in​ business and I​ was very new to​ the​ internet .​
I​ began looking around at​ different possibilities .​
I​ knew from talking with other business owners that I​ should find something that I​ could believe in​ and would be marketable in​ my area .​
I​ found a​ company that sold air and water purification systems as​ well as​ a​ line of​ high quality nutritional supplements .​
This seemed like the​ perfect company for me because it​ would help people have a​ healthier life and the​ company was stable and had been in​ business for over twenty years .​
I​ began retailing the​ products from my home and then started bringing other people into the​ business .​
In order to​ do this I​ needed to​ find quality network marketing leads .​
I​ worked with my sponsor to​ locate different companies that could supply me with the​ leads .​
There are a​ wide range of​ network marketing leads in​ a​ wide range of​ prices .​
My business was not generating a​ great deal of​ money yet so I​ did not want to​ buy expensive leads .​
It was explained to​ me that the​ more expensive network marketing leads were screened more thoroughly and were people that were ready to​ get started in​ a​ business,​ however it​ was not a​ guarantee .​
These network marketing leads were too expensive for me to​ begin with because I​ felt I​ needed to​ have practice in​ talking with people over the​ telephone .​
I​ went with more moderately priced leads .​
I​ found that I​ enjoyed talking with people from all over the​ United States .​
It is​ not like making cold calls because the​ people have opted in​ to​ hear about home based business opportunities .​
Many people chose not to​ get involved,​ but several wanted to​ hear more and try the​ different products,​ so even though in​ some cases I​ did not get business partners I​ was still able to​ retail products.
My home based business is​ a​ year old now .​
I​ have made enough to​ supplement our income and it​ is​ great to​ be home full time instead of​ on​ the​ road .​
I​ am able to​ work when it​ fits my schedule and I​ am able to​ participate in​ community events .​
It is​ a​ great way to​ live a​ slower paced life style.
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