Network Marketing How To Find The Right Company For You First Time

If you​ are looking to​ get involved in​ Network Marketing,​ or​ if​ you​ want to​ change networking companies,​ here are some tips on​ how to​ get it​ right 1st time!

I got lucky. Very lucky as​ it​ turns out. 12 years ago I met a​ couple who told me about the​ International networking business they were building as​ they travelled around the​ world. I got involved without doing any research other than attending a​ national training day. I knew nothing whatsoever about the​ Industry,​ very little about the​ couple and nothing much about this particular company,​ other than what I learnt that day. (Ignorance is​ bliss). it​ is​ only with hindsight,​ having met many people over the​ years since who have been in​ 2,​ 3,​ 5 networks or​ more that I realise how unusual it​ is​ to​ join a​ good company on​ day one in​ network marketing.

What I did realise straight away however is​ that when a​ network marketing company gets it​ right (more on​ that shortly) then you​ have the​ most amazing concept for creating a​ pension-style income in​ 3-5 years,​ and for freeing up your time to​ enjoy your life. it​ certainly beats working 9-5 for 40 years with no guaranteed pension at​ the​ end of​ it​ (for most people that is​ the​ case these days). And people from any background can build a​ successful business with the​ right company and the​ right attitude.

From my 12 years experience in​ networking,​ and working with many people who have been in​ other mlm companies,​ these are some of​ the​ key points I feel you​ should be able to​ tick when considering which company to​ join. it​ is​ so important to​ do your research because,​ unless you​ have excellent intuition,​ you​ could spend the​ next 2-5 years (or more) building your network,​ only to​ have the​ company go bust,​ leaving you​ with absolutely nothing,​ and probably putting you​ off the​ industry for life. And yes,​ I know people this has happened to.

Here are the​ key points: (in no particular order).

Do they have a​ proven track record of​ success? (Again,​ you​ need the​ stability if​ you​ still want to​ get paid 5-10 years down the​ line.) a​ new company could be here today,​ gone in​ a​ year.

Do they have consumable products? (Who wants to​ put all their time and effort into continually finding new customers,​ which is​ the​ case if​ your company’s products are not consumable. Don’t you​ want your time freed up to​ build your network if​ you​ want a​ big business? So consumable products are essential for that to​ happen.)

The Marketing Plan. When you​ reach a​ position in​ the​ company’s plan,​ what do you​ have to​ do to​ maintain that position? Can you​ slide back down the​ plan if​ you​ don’t maintain volume? (Who wants to​ get penalised for taking time-out?) What is​ the​ top bonus payment percentage? ie are the​ company rewarding you​ fairly? (I get up to​ 68% including the​ extra incentives)

Is the​ plan generous to​ people at​ all levels,​ or​ just those who were in​ at​ the​ beginning? How easy is​ it​ to​ move up the​ plan quickly?

Is the​ Company ethical? Do they have a​ stable Management team? Do your research! Spend some time now getting it​ right,​ so you​ don’t waste your time for years to​ come on​ the​ wrong company. There are a​ lot of​ good Network Marketing Companies out there - and some may not be so good...Are the​ distributors ‘happy?’ Don’t just take your sponsors word for it,​ talk to​ others outside your sponsors group who have been with the​ company a​ while.

Do they have a​ good training program in​ all areas of​ the​ country or​ are you​ left to​ ‘get on​ with it’ once you​ sign up? (You may be very self-motivated and have previous experience of​ networking,​ but what if​ the​ people you​ recruit need training - and what if​ they live at​ a​ long distance?)

I hope you​ find these tips guide you​ in​ the​ right direction and Good Luck with your networking career.
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