Mortgage Rates Are Lower Than Last Year And May Help You

Mortgage rates are lower than last year and may help you
Mortgage rates are expected to​ keep dropping in​ anticipation of​ the​ Federal Reserve meeting in​ the​ last week of​ April,​ as​ a​ result of​ extremely low builder and buyer confidence in​ the​ market,​ and extremely weak housing starts .​
Everyone is​ betting that rates will be cut- yet again .​
This could be good news for people being squeezed by large mortgage payments looking to​ refinance,​ or​ for families who want to​ reduce their long term interest burden by moving into a​ shorter term mortgage .​
However,​ financial professionals need to​ be contacted to​ determine if​ the​ benefits of​ refinancing will override the​ costs .​
Often times,​ lenders require that points,​ which translate into dollars,​ be paid,​ before a​ loan can be refinanced .​
Sometimes,​ this may make any subsequent interest savings negligible,​ depending on​ the​ length of​ time required to​ pay off the​ loan entirely .​

Fifteen year fixed rate mortgages may begin to​ move below 5.4% ,​ almost 50 basis points lower than where they were a​ year ago .​
Thirty year fixed rate mortgages are also lower than last year by just over 30 basis points .​
People looking to​ get into,​ or​ refinance,​ fixed rate obligations may benefit from more favorable interest rates depending on​ their lending institution and loan terms .​
Even though rates are more favorable than last year,​ individuals may not necessarily be able to​ benefit from them if​ their credit history has deteriorated since owning a​ home .​
Often times,​ moving into a​ home creates an​ increase in​ credit card bills,​ due to​ the​ furnishing of​ the​ new home with credit .​
People put everything from new sofa sets to​ wallpaper on​ credit cards,​ after getting a​ home,​ and often don't think about whether or​ not they will actually be able to​ service the​ debt .​
If this sounds like something you​ may have done,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ examine your credit reports from all of​ the​ credit reporting agencies before you​ go into refinance a​ loan .​
Financial institutions are able to​ collect every ounce of​ data relating to​ your ability to​ pay of​ debts,​ and they will use everything legally possible to​ measure you​ as​ a​ borrowing risk .​
Make sure that you​ are able to​ offer them a​ low risk client with promising payback potential.
If you​ are interested in​ just getting your first home loan,​ some credit moves that you​ have made in​ anticipation of​ getting a​ new house may not have been a​ good idea .​
If you​ recently got new credit cards,​ to​ pay for new home supplies,​ that may hurt your credit score .​
Your credit score takes into account credit inquiries,​ and credit outstanding relative to​ credit limits .​
Depending on​ your debt load,​ taking out that new credit card,​ or​ maybe two new ones,​ may have been the​ worst thing you​ could have done when it​ comes to​ trying to​ obtain the​ most competitive mortgage rates.
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