Moms Require Energy And Nutrition Fit For An Athlete

Moms Require Energy and Nutrition Fit For An Athlete
Moms let their inner athletes shine through from the​ minute they step out of​ bed in​ the​ morning to​ the​ moment they turn in​ for the​ night. Career,​ household,​ children,​ community responsibilitiesthey tackle it​ all on​ a​ daily basis. a​ nationwide survey found that 70 percent of​ moms believe that all of​ the​ activity they pack into each and every day makes them similar to​ athletes. Since good nutrition is​ vital to​ an athletes performance,​ it​ may be time for moms to​ begin thinking about food as​ fuel for their busy lives.
By choosing foods rich in​ energy and nutrients,​ moms can ensure a​ strong finish at​ days end. Grainbased foods such as​ crackers and tortillas made from enriched white flour,​ and bread and cereal made from whole grains,​ provide important vitamins and minerals such as​ B vitamins and iron,​ and pack a​ powerful energy punch. the​ B vitamins also help to​ convert food to​ energy,​ another way that grains work to​ increase a​ womans endurance.
The healthpromoting properties of​ grains are many,​ but they can benefit moms in​ different ways at​ different life stages.
For pregnant moms,​ folic acid is​ essential to​ the​ proper development of​ the​ babys spine. Enriched white flour contains twice the​ folic acid of​ whole grains. Boomer moms can also benefit from folic acid,​ as​ recent research suggests folic acid may help reduce the​ risk of​ Alzheimers and heart disease.
The highfiber content of​ whole grains has a​ number of​ health applications. Fiber has been shown to​ aid in​ weight management,​ so moms trying to​ lose postbaby weight may reap this particular benefit. Pregnant moms,​ often afflicted with constipation,​ should consider whole grains for their insoluble fiber content,​ which promotes regularity. Additionally,​ whole grain consumption has been shown to​ lower the​ risk of​ type 2 diabetes,​ high blood pressure,​ cardiovascular disease and some cancers.
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