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What has the​ holidays got to​ do with your MLM network marketing?
What can you​ do to​ accelerate your MLM network marketing business during the​ Holiday season and gets it​ going during what most people think as​ the​ sluggish time of​ the​ year for network marketing?
Some things you​ can do for your MLM network marketing success during the​ holidays.
1 .​
Fruit baskets.
You can get inexpensively small fruit baskets,​ put your samples or​ coupons in​ and decorate it​ in​ the​ colors of​ your MLM network marketing company .​
Include an​ invite to​ a​ seminar that they can attend at​ not cost .​
Give them out to​ friends,​ neighbors,​ associates,​ clients,​ customers,​ and family .​
You will glad you​ did.
2 .​
Holiday audio cards.
Send out with your Christmas cards a​ CD you​ recorded especially for that person,​ and wish them happy holidays .​
Then tell them you​ would love to​ chat with them at​ the​ start of​ the​ year because you​ want to​ give them the​ gift of​ success .​
This is​ a​ great way to​ introduce the​ concept of​ MLM network marketing success to​ these folks.
3 .​
Hold a​ holiday customer appreciation luncheon or​ reception.
You can do this at​ your home .​
Simply invite your best MLM customers to​ a​ holiday appreciation event,​ and make them the​ superstars of​ that party.
Have small gifts for them,​ and let them know how much you​ appreciate their business .​
Then ask them for referrals for the​ coming year .​
You will get them from every single person who was at​ that event.
4 .​
Holiday upline open house.
If you​ have an​ organization,​ you​ could either open your house or​ someone who has a​ sizeable home and invite your MLM network marketing distributors to​ an​ open house .​
Have them bring guests .​
Have a​ party that celebrates the​ holidays but is​ sponsored by your company .​
Let it​ be a​ fun social with music and games,​ and then connect with the​ guest to​ follow up in​ January.
5 .​
Neighborhood holiday mailer.
Go to​ the​ library,​ and look in​ the​ cross-reference index for your address .​
You will notice there are a​ ton more in​ that index that are in​ your neighborhood .​
Make a​ copy of​ the​ addresses,​ as​ they are your neighbors,​ then send them a​ Christmas card introducing yourself as​ their neighborhood rep,​ and wish them a​ Merry Christmas and Happy new year.
Then follow up in​ January and see if​ you​ can set an​ appointment to​ chat with them about your MLM networking products .​
Telephone numbers are included on​ the​ cross-index reference guides found in​ your library .​
You are their neighbor,​ and that gives you​ some instant connection with them.
6 .​
Visit community holiday functions.
The thing is​ to​ connect,​ connect and connect.
You need to​ connect to​ new prospects during the​ holidays and community functions are a​ great way to​ do this .​
Get out and become a​ holiday MLM network marketing machine .​
Network and meet people and make new friends and give away something to​ them as​ a​ holiday gift .​
Make sure every person you​ talk to​ has a​ gift and your card .​
And that you​ have some form of​ contact info as​ well .​
Check your Sunday newspaper for where these events are.
7 .​
The holiday success card.
Send people you​ know,​ and also prospect a​ seasonal card,​ and include within it​ an​ article about success,​ goal setting,​ leadership,​ time management,​ or​ any other success oriented topic .​
This will set you​ apart from the​ rest .​
Rock your MLM network marketing business during the​ holidays .​
You will be surprised at​ what might happen to​ your business.
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