Mcdonalds Nutrition Best Choice Awards

McDonalds Nutrition Best Choice Awards
Your late for an appointment,​ running vigorously,​ and just realized you​ are hungry and havent eaten lunch. you​ look around and the​ only place you​ can find quickly is​ McDonalds. What do you​ do?
Your mind says no,​ its not healthy food. Your stomach says yes,​ its time to​ eat. it​ is​ either going without food,​ or​ grabbing something quickly at​ McDonalds. What about all the​ negative exposure regarding McDonalds nutrition information?
You make the​ decision to​ grab something so your mind is​ clear for your big appointment. Now what? Burgers,​ McNuggets,​ fries,​ shakes,​ salads all confuse you​ as​ the​ best nutritional choice.
After reviewing the​ current McDonalds nutrition facts,​ I ​ have decided to​ make it​ easier for consumer to​ make intelligent choices by listing my McDonalds Best Choice Awards. Please remember,​ you​ do have a​ choice. Mickey Ds has made an attempt to​ offer some healthier alternatives to​ choose from. it​ is​ your responsibility to​ make that intelligent choice.
My biggest concern when analyzing the​ McDonalds nutrition facts was the​ amount of​ artery clogging saturated fat found in​ each item. I ​ also paid close attention to​ the​ amount of​ calories found in​ each item.
Please note,​ there are healthier items found on​ their menu than in​ the​ past,​ but overall,​ it​ is​ not like eating brown rice and steamed vegetables. I ​ am listing all the​ foods below in​ the​ not too bad category.
Here is​ my list of​ the​ McDonalds best choice awards. the​ choice is​ yours!
1. Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich 2g saturated fat / 420 calories
2. Chicken McNugget 4 piece 2 g saturated fat / 170 calories
3. Fruit and Walnut Salad 2 g saturated fat / 310 calories
4. Caesar Salad without chicken 2. 5 g saturated fat / 90 calories
** Beware of​ the​ saturated fat in​ the​ dressing. the​ best dressing offered
is the​ Newmans Own Cobb Dressing.
5. Caesar with grilled chicken 3 g saturated fat / 220 calories
6. Chicken McNuggets 6 piece 3 g saturated fat / 250 calories
7. Premium Spicy Chicken Sandwich 3 g saturated fat / 510 calories
8. Premium Crispy Chicken Classic Sandwich 3 g saturated fat / 500 cal.
9. McChicken 3. 5 g saturated fat / 370 calories
10. Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips 3 pc 3. 5 sat. / 140 cal.
11. Bacon Ranch Salad without chicken 3. 5 sat. / 180 cal.
12. Hamburger 3. 5 g sat. / 260 cal.
13. Premium Grilled Chicken Ranch Sandwich 4 g sat. / 490 cal.
14. Filet of​ Fish 4 g sat. / 400 cal.
15. Best dessert is​ Fruit and Yogurt
For a​ complete list of​ all McDonalds nutrition information for its whole menu visit http//www. WellnessWord. com/blog .
Choose foods that have the​ lowest calories with the​ lowest saturated fat. Watch out of​ extras such as​ high calorie,​ sugar loaded soft drinks,​ and large amounts of​ salad dressing.
Now you​ can make good healthy choices and not feel guilty if​ you​ decide to​ grab something quickly at​ McDonalds. McDonalds nutrition is​ not all bad. the​ choice is​ yours!
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