Martial Arts Training And Nutrition

Martial Arts Training and​ Nutrition
Bruce Lee did more than blaze the​ movie screens with powerful,​ lightning quick punches and​ kicks. ​
He launched a​ martial arts revolution and​ encouraged martial artists to​ break the​ ties that bound them as​ practitioners. ​
Lee freed himself and​ other martial artists from the​ ties that limited the​ skills traditional fighters. ​
He envisioned unity among the​ divided disciplines of​ martial arts. ​
After years of​ research and​ development,​ Lee managed to​ fuse every helpful martial arts components into one system. ​
He incorporated western boxing,​ the​ Chinese style of​ Kung Fu called Wing Chun,​ and​ Western fencing and​ added bits of​ Karate,​ Judo,​ Aikido,​ Muay Thai,​ and​ Jiu Jitsu. ​
The result was a​ concept that served as​ a​ forerunner for Mixed Martial Arts MMA,​ called Jeet Kune Do Way of​ the​ Intercepting Fist. ​

Jeet Kune Do,​ according to​ Lee,​ is​ not another martial arts style or​ method. ​
it​ is​ a​ concept where different combat arts and​ techniques are used. ​
Whether it​ is​ from Japan,​ China,​ India,​ or​ the​ Philippines,​ combat artists are encouraged to​ explore various fighting system and​ absorb its essence. ​
Lee wanted to​ create a​ martial art that was unbound and​ free,​ where movements are simple,​ direct,​ and​ nonclassical. ​
He later expanded the​ notion that the​ art should be used for personal development and​ become a​ better fighter. ​
The final stage of​ training designed for practitioners of​ Jeet Kune Do was the​ no limitation stage where advanced students were free to​ change and​ explore their personal styles of​ fighting. ​

Bruce Lee was able to​ accomplish this feat because of​ superb physical and​ mental training. ​
He freed himself of​ the​ stress and​ anxiety that distracted his training. ​
He developed his abdominal muscles because these muscles play a​ key role in​ the​ movement of​ martial artists. ​
In addition,​ these muscles protects the​ ribs and​ other vital organs. ​
Lee constantly trained and​ attempted to​ achieve maximum efficiency,​ according him martial artists of​ his time lacked necessary physical fitness to​ back up their skill. ​
There were times when Lee would ride a​ stationary bike for 45 minutes to​ increase his muscle definition and​ reduce body fat. ​
He combined weight training with his regular workout to​ improve his performance and​ physique. ​
His workout was designed to​ avoid bulky muscles to​ avoid hefty muscles that might interfere his martial arts movement. ​
In addition,​ Bruce Lee trained properly to​ avoid muscle spasms and​ lower back pain. ​
Injuries may hamper his training and​ affect his performance. ​
He also took nutrition seriously and​ was strict on​ his diet. ​
He drank his concentration of​ vegetables,​ apples,​ celery,​ carrots,​ and​ prepared it​ using an electric blender. ​
Lee consumed highprotein drinks which included powdered milk,​ eggs,​ bananas,​ and​ peanut floor. ​

Bruce Lee is​ one of​ the​ most recognized names in​ the​ world and​ accomplished so much despite living a​ very short life. ​
His goal of​ breaking the​ bounds that acted has limiting factors succeeded and​ started the​ genesis of​ many hybrid martial arts. ​
Lee did not become a​ seasoned martial artist overnight,​ his accomplishments are products of​ intense and​ vigorous training coupled with proper nutrition.
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