Looking At Nutrition And Bmi

Looking at​ Nutrition and BMI
One of​ the​ first steps to​ realizing if​ you​ are leading a​ healthy lifestyle or​ not is​ determining if​ you​ are overweight. Calculating your Body Mass Index or​ BMI is​ an excellent first step. Once youve determined what your BMI you​ can use a​ combination of​ exercise and nutrition to​ help you​ reach your desire weight goal.
If you​ are trying to​ lose weight or​ just maintain a​ healthy weight,​ you​ should understand the​ connection between the​ energy your body takes in​ and the​ energy your body uses. Energy is​ taken in​ through food you​ eat and beverages you​ drink. Energy is​ used by activities performed. to​ lose weight you​ have to​ use more calories than you​ take in. to​ maintain,​ you​ have to​ match the​ calories you​ take in​ with those that you​ use. Eating a​ healthy diet and being physically active can help you​ reach either goal.
The number of​ calories you​ need each day depends on​ your age,​ activity level and whether you​ are trying to​ lose,​ gain or​ maintain your weight. Your diet should include the​ most nutritious foods including fruits,​ vegetables,​ whole grains and fat free or​ low fat milk and dairy products. Foods should be rich in​ vitamins,​ minerals,​ fiber and other nutrients.
You also must be physically active. Regular physical activity is​ important to​ your overall health and fitness. it​ can help you​ control your body weight. Aim to​ be physically active at​ a​ moderate intensity for at​ least 30 minutes a​ day. Increase the​ intensity or​ amount of​ time you​ exercise to​ have greater health benefits. Children and teenagers should be physically active for at​ least 60 minutes every day.
To see if​ you​ are at​ a​ healthy weight you​ can measure your BMI Body Mass index. to​ calculate your BMI,​ multiply your weight in​ pounds by 704,​ and then divide by the​ square of​ your height in​ inches. For example if​ you​ weigh 162 pounds and are 69 inches tall,​ your BMI is​ 162 x 704 divided by 69 x 69= 23. 9 which is​ normal.
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