Lock And Load With The Best Mortgage Refinance Rates

Lock And Load With the​ Best Mortgage Refinance Rates
Cashing in​ on​ the​ decline of​ interest rates can give you​ the​ best mortgage refinance deals,​ but can this happen all the​ time?
Lock and luck
The interest rates of​ mortgages saw a​ decline in​ four successive weeks in​ August of​ 2018 .​
If you​ were waiting to​ lock in​ your interest rate for your mortgage refinance loan,​ this was the​ best time to​ do it .​
Bear in​ mind that the​ market will always be fickle and there is​ no singular best mortgage refinance interest rate .​
If you​ are home buyer and already purchased a​ house,​ you’re just in​ time to​ cash in​ for the​ lock .​
you​ would have gotten savings with the​ best mortgage refinance interest rate for as​ much as​ 5.81%,​ which is​ lower by .53% than last year’s average high of​ 6.34% .​
the​ borrowers were in​ luck to​ lock their interest rates at​ that very opportune time and if​ that fates smile down on​ you,​ you​ just might be next .​
you​ could lock in​ a​ low interest rate during the​ first 30-45 day period of​ your mortgage refinance loan,​ only to​ find out there is​ a​ much lower rate the​ next month .​
Currently,​ the​ trend is​ showing a​ decline but market analysts are predicting a​ rise after 12 months .​

What good is​ locking in?
A rate lock guarantees the​ borrower that his or​ her mortgage will have a​ definite interest rate,​ set points,​ and other preset fees .​
If you​ were unable to​ purchase your new home during the​ period,​ you​ are going to​ pay the​ higher rate when the​ interest rises .​
Borrowers are then advised not to​ lock in​ immediately after a​ week of​ the​ loan if​ they haven’t found a​ property yet .​
They must know that the​ 30-45 days provided for allows for additional processing,​ contingencies,​ and some settlements,​ so take your time before you​ lock in​ .​

Fortunately,​ there are lenders who automatically extend the​ lock .​
But some charge a​ fee to​ extend the​ period and the​ rate lock costs are not uniform .​
the​ fees are either charged up front,​ or​ added to​ the​ loan rate; the​ longer the​ lock period,​ higher fees will be applied .​

To protect your interests,​ have the​ locking agreement in​ writing .​
a​ verbal one may not hold water and you​ cannot present any proof when the​ time comes .​
For the​ lock contract,​ have all the​ specifics outlined .​
the​ first lock date,​ the​ lock period,​ lock cost and fees,​ and the​ post lock details should also be specific in​ the​ document .​
Most documents include interest rate and points at​ best .​
Mortgage refinance companies will also allow you​ to​ put a​ lock to​ your application when the​ things are looking bleak .​
Looking for the​ best mortgage refinance deals?
The main reason why you​ are looking for the​ best mortgage refinance deal is​ to​ save money .​
So look around to​ see what the​ lending companies have to​ offer .​
Work out the​ math before signing the​ loan application because some unscrupulous lenders may spring some nasty surprises despite their advertisements of​ low interest rates .​

Picture this,​ if​ your present debts are wiping you​ out at​ 20% each year,​ the​ best mortgage refinance package will cost you​ little at​ 6% if​ you​ just know how to​ maneuver your way through the​ jargon and the​ figures .​
Get a​ money counselor to​ walk you​ through the​ maze .​
Who says you​ need to​ make a​ go at​ it​ alone?
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