Is Online Business Optional

Is Online Business Optional?
Today I​ would like to​ discuss with you​ this simple question - is​ it​ optional for you​ to​ be involved in​ some sort of​ online business or​ is​ it​ a​ modern life necessity?
Let's see.. .​
Are you​ a​ multi-millionaire? Are you​ a​ business executive or​ well paid professional - doctor,​ lawyer,​ programmer,​ etc? Are you​ a​ small business owner or​ you're a​ stay-at-home mom?
Did I​ miss any group in​ between? Probably I​ did .​
Anyway,​ it​ does not really matter who you​ currently are,​ what matters is​ who you're going to​ be in​ the​ future.
If you're multi-millionaire,​ you​ most likely already have an​ online division implemented as​ part of​ your business model .​
You know that billions of​ people use Internet these days,​ millions more join each and every day to​ find anything they want - information,​ services,​ products,​ ideas,​ the​ list goes on​ and on​ to​ infinity - whatever you​ think of​ - you​ name it,​ and chances are pretty good that you​ can find it​ on​ the​ Net (even if​ you're unable to​ find anything - let's say you're inventing something new,​ online resources are invaluable for the​ research of​ the​ works previously done in​ your area of​ interest).
So as​ a​ multi-millionaire you​ definitely wouldn't want to​ miss such a​ huge market or​ your competitors will eat you​ alive.
If you're a​ well-paid professional or​ executive working for a​ big corporation,​ online business could be a​ great way to​ legally reduce your taxes,​ as​ a​ business owner you​ could write-off a​ lot of​ expenses .​
You might argue that you​ can do this with any other business you​ own,​ you​ don't necessarily have to​ have the​ online business for this purpose .​
And my answer is​ - Yes and No .​
You see,​ I​ don't know any business you​ can start so easily and inexpensively as​ your online business.
To open a​ franchise,​ you​ need a​ few hundred thousands dollars,​ to​ open any brick and mortar business you​ need from fifty to​ a​ hundred thousands (may be less sometimes,​ but not very often).
It takes only a​ few thousands to​ start your online business (and this includes registration fees,​ professional website design,​ initial marketing,​ etc).
Besides,​ even if​ you're paid rather well,​ you​ still wouldn't mind to​ have additional streams of​ passive income,​ wouldn't you? I​ don't know any off-line business that can be run on​ auto-pilot .​
But there are hundreds examples of​ successful online businesses that run on​ auto-pilot.
Ok,​ who's next? a​ small business owner? Well,​ is​ your business booming? Do you​ have enough clients? And even if​ you​ do,​ are you​ able to​ interact with them easily and effectively?
Here's how your own website could help you​ .​
First of​ all,​ Internet is​ the​ hugest market known to​ the​ mankind and it's so diverse that you​ will be able to​ sell anything there,​ from the​ most weirdest product you​ could imagine to​ any service.
If your services are international - then,​ by developing the​ online part of​ your business,​ you​ will increase your market not tenfold,​ you​ will increase it​ in​ thousands of​ times.
If your business is​ local by it's nature,​ there are also dozens of​ online marketing techniques you​ can use to​ increase your clientele.
You're saying you​ have enough clients,​ can't handle anymore? Well,​ first of​ all,​ in​ this case why don't you​ expend? And,​ second,​ are you​ able to​ communicate with your clients as​ fast as​ you​ want?
Let's say you​ have 300 clients and you​ need to​ tell them quickly about something urgent (for example,​ you​ change your schedule or​ you​ have an​ emergency and can't take clients for a​ week,​ etc) .​
How would you​ handle this? Tell your secretary to​ call all 300 clients? How much time do you​ think will it​ take for her to​ make these calls?
Well organized online business is​ structured in​ such a​ way that you​ don't even have to​ think about this problem,​ it's taken care of​ automatically.
What if​ your client have some urgent question on​ weekend and you're not working on​ weekend? Too bad,​ you​ just lost your client,​ client went to​ your competitor's website and found the​ answer in​ his database of​ Frequently Asked Questions,​ and then automatically booked the​ appointment with your competitor for the​ closest date available...
You got the​ idea .​
Your website,​ if​ it's created by professionals,​ gives your clients the​ ability to​ communicate with you​ 24/7,​ even if​ you're not around to​ personally answer their questions.
Hope you​ see by now that for small business not to​ have a​ website is​ not an​ option.
Who's left? Stay-at-home moms and dads? Let's summarize what we have so far as​ benefits of​ online business: the​ most inexpensive way to​ start a​ business,​ unlimited market for your products or​ services,​ automatic streams of​ constantly growing income (otherwise known as​ passive income),​ more time you're able to​ spend with your family and loved ones as​ a​ result... .​
Geeez,​ I​ think for moms and dads the​ question - whether to​ start online business as​ a​ source of​ supplemental income - must be a​ really difficult one (I'm just a​ little ironical here).
So,​ what should you​ do if​ you​ still don't have a​ website? That's easy - get up off your back bone and contact professional web designers!
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