Is Network Marketing Easy

I personally believe we do a​ dis-service to​ the​ industry and ourselves if​ we openly state...or even allude...that NWM is​ easy. It's not. Nor is​ any business....WAH or​ brick & mortar. Anyone who does say different is​ not being wholly truthful. I find that to​ be a​ shame.

NWM requires 3 main ingredients....time,​ effort,​ and yes - money. Time is​ just a​ matter of​ redirecting your habits. Not easy but doable. Time directly impacts your efficiency. Effort is​ entirely controllable by the​ individual....and directly impacts your effectiveness. Money is​ self limiting and directly affects both efficiency and effectiveness. an​ individual must find the​ best combination of​ the​ three that works for them. Someone else can't tell you​ what that combination is....but can help you​ find it​ (for example a​ good sponsor).

The new mlmer faces a​ daunting task...and competition...when it​ comes to​ "advertising". Finding that "best combination" of​ time,​ effort,​ and money is​ a​ growth experience. Rarely will it​ just appear... education (self and provided) plus mentoring (if available) are important factors and hopefully a​ fact of​ life. However,​ "advertising" is​ not impossible.

In my mind advertising is​ just whatever method you​ choose to​ "reach" people. it​ might be the​ traditional newspaper or​ ezine ad or​ the​ simple greeting and sharing with a​ friend. How you​ "advertise" or​ "share" can take many forms.

There are free and inexpensive methods that do work. It's a​ matter of​ finding those that work for you.

For example:

1. Writing and submitting ezine articles is​ an​ excellent method. it​ requires time & effort...but no money. the​ benefits include increased link popularity for the​ url used in​ your sig box (important for search engine ranking),​ branding,​ and reach (you can "reach" more with an​ article than an​ ezine ad). Plus it's viral. Often your article is​ archived by publishers and directories.....available well after it​ was originally offered. Plus publishers and web masters will often "pick up" your article...again well after you​ originally submitted it.

2. Business cards are always a​ good method...and more inexpensive than one realizes. you​ can even make your own. Just pass them out like candy....stores,​ church,​ ball games,​ local events,​ restaurants (leave 1 with your bill),​ businesses you​ frequent,​ networking meetings,​ local Chamber of​ Commerce. the​ possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

3. Flyers,​ posters,​ post cards,​ brochures,​ etc. can also be done very inexpensively. you​ can make your own on​ your PC or​ purchase custom or​ ready made templates from numerous online providers. you​ could even strike up a​ joint venture with a​ local community provider. They print it​ for you​ and include their "advert" distribute. you​ both win,​ you​ pay less,​ and maybe influence that partner to​ be involved in​ your business.

4. Web decals on​ your vehicle(s) is​ another inexpensive method. I have one on​ each of​ our family cars (back window) with a​ short "catch line" and my url. Cost was ~ $40 each but the​ visibility is​ priceless.

5. Newspaper/magazine ads can be found that aren't going to​ cost an​ arm and a​ leg. Local publications are a​ good place to​ start. is​ an​ excellent source. For some of​ my services I've found College student newspapers and alumni magazines to​ be good performers.

These are just a​ few examples.

Of course there are the​ traditional ezine ads,​ leads programs,​ Forum participation (sig line - branding reputation),​ search engines,​ "3 foot rule",​ etc. Most of​ these will cost you​ money...all will cost you​ time & effort.

The key I believe is​ in​ being creative and sticking to​ what best fits your time,​ effort,​ money combination. it​ is​ and should be a​ personal choice. if​ the​ dollar "cost" doesn't give you​ the​ dollar "value" you​ hope for....keep looking. But don't EVER give up.

Plus...diversify. Use multiple methods. Why limit yourself to​ just "one path"?

Should we just sponsor those willing to​ waste $1,​000's advertising? Heck no!! We should sponsor anyone interested and teach them how to​ advertise in​ a​ manner best suited for them. Don't mislead them with false expectations or​ pressure them into uncomfortable actions. Lead them to​ solutions which best fit their expectations & abilities (time,​ effort,​ money).

John Milton Fogg's answer to​ the​ question is​ priceless......"It is​ simple,​ but it​ isn't easy."

Captures it​ pretty well I'd say. That's the​ message. It's not hard to​ understand...should/is fun.....but does take some effort.

Sending any message to​ prospects that denies effort is​ involved or​ necessary....misleads folks into becoming part of​ the​ "failed or​ quit" statistics.

It leads to​ false expectations.

They start to​ think they can sit on​ the​ couch with beer & potatoe chips watching Oprah on​ TV all day....and the​ money will roll in​ by itself.

Lays,​ Coronas,​ and Dr. Phil aren't going to​ build your business.

YOU are.

In my mind ( opinion)....that's the​ core of​ any message they should receive.

If you​ really care...that's what you'll tell them.

Be honest....

What do you​ think????
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