If I Were Starting A Network Marketing Company

If I​ Were Starting a​ Network Marketing Company...
If I​ were starting a​ Network Marketing company,​ I​ would say,​ what's a​ different group of​ people that want to​ hear a​ story about how to​ succeed with network selling? What words,​ phrases and images do I​ use to​ help them understand what it​ is​ I​ have to​ offer?
So opined our friend Seth Godin in​ an​ interview with John Fogg this past December (and thanks,​ gulliver,​ for bringing this comment to​ my attention.)
Why a​ different group (than those we have now)?
For one,​ too many visible people,​ including big name trainers,​ practice and teach the​ kinds of​ abusive,​ promise-them-anything kinds of​ behaviors that cause regular people,​ plus influential business people like Godin and Calacanis to​ tell us to​ our face that we're low rent at​ best,​ and say they'd never even buy from a​ networker.
(And of​ course they recognize the​ recruit recruit approach with its emphasis on​ the​ big up-front order,​ as​ the​ fast-cash-grabbing method that it​ is​ for too many people doing and teaching it.)
So we wouldn't want those kinds of​ practitioners of​ NM in​ the​ new group,​ would we? So they can't come.
Second,​ 95% of​ those who came in​ with high hopes of​ making some desperately needed extra income leave disgusted,​ confused,​ broke or​ more in​ debt than when they came in.
They've used up their friends and family,​ spent their money on​ systems that mostly benefitted their upline (leads programs,​ Internet sites,​ training stuff.) Not happy campers .​
They join the​ ever growing biased againsts .​
Chances are they won't come back,​ at​ least not in​ big numbers.
So they're out.
And last,​ we don't want to​ raid anyone's organization for those that are happy where they are,​ right?
So that leaves them out.
So who might be in​ our new and different group?
Here's one that comes to​ mind: the​ amateurs,​ as​ defined in​ the​ previous post:
Those who do something for the​ love and challenge of​ it,​ and who therefore have less conflict of​ interest because they're not saying what they say to​ pay the​ bills or​ please someone else (like an​ upline or​ adoring spouse they want to​ impress).
The members of​ this new group would not join because of​ any money lure .​
No .​
They'd be like hobbyists who don't treat this like a​ business (if that means doing things you​ really don't like just to​ make money.)
Yes,​ like hobbyists who squeeze in​ whatever time they can to​ do something they are driven to​ do .​
The new group I'm talking about forming is​ NOT in​ it​ for the​ money .​
Although they'll of​ course be happy to​ bank any .​
It just isn't what drives them .​
Imagine that.
Time out .​
Adult beverage break .​
To be continued next post.
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