If I Were Starting A Network Marketing Company Continued

If I ​ Were Starting a​ Network Marketing Company,​ Continued
If I ​ were starting a​ Network Marketing company,​ I ​ would say,​ whats a​ different group of​ people that want to​ hear a​ story about how to​ succeed with network selling? What words,​ phrases and images do I ​ use to​ help them understand what it​ is​ I ​ have to​ offer? posed by Seth Godin
People in​ the​ new group Im proposing amateurs and hobbyists doing network selling have a​ different worldview about other practices too.
For years weve been admonished to​ Treat it​ like a​ business. Thats how members of​ the​ existing group explain the​ 95% drop out rate People dont treat it​ like a​ business,​ i. e. take it​ seriously,​ and thats why they dont make money.
Maybe too many people dont like what they have to​ do so they dont do it​ seriously. Not a​ problem for our amateurs.
And,​ if​ you​ listen to​ people talk today about why they want a​ business of​ their own,​ and its a​ lot of​ them,​ the​ moneys not what they seek first,​ anyway.
Twothirds of​ Americans have entrepreneurial aspirations. . . according to​ a​ recent Yahoo poll. Here are three things they learned about these folks
1. Money is​ not the​ primary motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs only 3 percent half of​ the​ 6 percent in​ 2018 said getting rich was the​ main reason they wanted to​ start a​ business.
2. Doing work that they really love was the​ main reason for launching a​ business.
3. Second most popular reason to​ be my own boss.
Sounds like the​ worldview of​ our new group of​ amateurs and hobbyists to​ me. Think?
The pitches from the​ existing NM group are about the​ money and what that can do for you. And thats ok because money first is​ their worldview,​ their thing. And theres room and people for both groups.
Oh did you​ notice the​ second most popular reason people aspire to​ be an entrepreneur to​ be my own boss?
This means that the​ widespread NM practice of​ teaching duplication,​ i. e. imposing someone elses painting by the​ numbers methods and systems onto the​ new member well that isnt part of​ what the​ new group will do,​ either. No loss here,​ given the​ results it​ seems to​ have gotten.
A new story for a​ new group about how to​ succeed with network selling.
1. Our new imaginary network marketing company will seek out enthusiasts for the​ things the​ founders are also most devoted to. Say thats doing everything they can to​ maintain and max out their own health,​ longevity,​ energy and appearance. Think Ray Kurzweil. And within that,​ mini groups will form,​ a​ la the​ longtail concept. Theyve created a​ state of​ the​ art little supplement.
2. the​ product sales to​ aficionados who know and prize the​ ingredients and love talking about how it​ helps them will always outweigh any need to​ subscribe newcomers i. e. new recruits.
3. No trying to​ change anyones worldview. Mission is​ to​ find those with a​ similar one already.
My imaginary network selling company
A small group starts a​ network selling company because theyre health and longevity buffs think Ray Kurzweils Fantastic Voyage.
These folks especially love knowing that theyre eating the​ right stuff,​ organic of​ course,​ and they stand ready to​ make up for any possible shortcomings in​ the​ food they eat,​ because of​ deficiencies in​ the​ soil,​ toxins from water runoff from neighboring nonorganic farms that spray chemicals,​ etc.
So being health mental and body aficionados,​ they spend any free time learning about which nutrients do most to​ maintain health,​ energy and looks,​ even as​ the​ years go by. They are the​ envy of​ most people 20 years their junior in​ energy and appearance.
The kinds of​ network sellers in​ our new group have conversations like these about the​ product they love madly theyve bought the​ story and love it​ because its who they are
I really like being on​ regular dosage. it​ is​ perfect for my body. Ill take an extra one if​ I ​ fly on​ a​ plane to​ keep a​ high dose of​ antioxidants floating around in​ my body while I ​ am breathing airplane air. I ​ love the​ friendly bacteria and all the​ goodies like lutein and indole3carbinol. . . I market them because I ​ love them.
Oh yes,​ me too. Greens are my favorite because Im getting so many veggies I ​ wouldnt normally prepare,​ but know are good for me. And I ​ couldnt live without the​ acidophilus,​ bifidus and inulin which have eliminated [blah blah blah] which has plagued me all my life. . . but no more!
Yes. ,​ and even if​ I ​ do find myself slowing down Ive found that its a​ real message from my body to​ take a​ break. They make me aware of​ how my body feels and what it​ needs.
These are the​ things that matter to​ the​ members of​ the​ new group,​ so thats what they talk about. For them,​ the​ commitment to​ their own health is​ just like talking about the​ stuff geeks talk about all hours of​ the​ day and night like lutein and indole3carbinol.
Whod know or​ care about such stuff and get in​ a​ good mood talking about it,​ except devotees of​ the​ thing?
Thats the​ new group so far,​ and the​ members that Id want if​ I ​ were starting a​ network marketing company for people with this worldview. What about you?
New group refers back to​ the​ original question at​ the​ beginning of​ this and the​ previous post.
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