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Once upon a​ time when Earth did not commercialize the​ internet invention,​ someone published an​ ad in​ a​ national newspaper saying "Send Me $1 and I will show you​ how to​ become a​ millionaire"

People from all the​ over the​ place sent their $1 dollar bills waiting to​ get the​ secret recipe to​ become millionaires. a​ few weeks later they received the​ following note "Repeat what I have done and you​ will become a​ millionaire. I have just become one from the​ same ad you​ responded to"

I believe that this person has set the​ ground for most of​ today's business ideas that we find on​ the​ internet. the​ idea includes all the​ usual hype that we read in​ many sales letters today:

1 - a​ simple task that does not require much of​ your daily time.
2 - a​ simple system to​ copy.
3 -No sales
4 - No phone calls
5 - No sponsorships
6 - Takes 30 minutes to​ implement.
7 - you​ can repeat it​ as​ many times as​ you​ want
8 - Start earning thousands within a​ couple of​ weeks
9 - a​ minimum investment

As you​ can see that the​ idea and the​ copy did not make a​ single lie,​ yet do you​ think that the​ ones who received the​ note appreciated the​ clever business idea?

I am sure that their disappointed was great although their loss was one single dollar. Now that person was lucky since he did not want to​ make a​ business out of​ this idea. it​ was a​ hit and run operation.

The online business world today acknowledges the​ fact that such an​ activity is​ completely unacceptable. But the​ contradiction between what is​ known to​ be as​ unacceptable and what we are seeing actually happening even from some of​ the​ prominent names in​ the​ industry is​ very evident.

We are still seeing messages such as​ "Start earning immediately,​" "Start cashing within a​ couple of​ weeks." I know that many will have examples of​ people who actually hit gold within days of​ their experience,​ but can we actually take those experiences and make the​ audience expect such results for any person who ventures into online business.

Today e-mail inboxes are full of​ messages regarding the​ importance of​ building lists. We all know that this activity alone does not happen either over night or​ in​ a​ couple weeks. So how can we start suggesting to​ a​ new person that he/she should be expecting to​ earn money within days?

The funny thing regarding the​ List Building sales letters is​ that they are now promising that their systems would help generate massive lists within days as​ well.

The Mortar and Brick business world is​ struggling today to​ become customer centric organizations. Yet all they do is​ concentrate their resources on​ developing efficient processes for cost cutting purposes without any consideration to​ the​ customer. the​ dilemma that the​ offline business world is​ living today with regard their truthfulness in​ becoming customer centric organizations is​ manifested in​ the​ online business arena through the​ wish of​ avoiding hype.

What I cannot understand is​ that every single person who is​ involved in​ online business is​ aware of​ the​ negative bottom line effects that hype has,​ still they cannot avoid being involved at​ least partially in​ providing hyped promises.

Whether selling to​ the​ end user or​ encouraging affiliates to​ sell products,​ a​ hyped message will dramatically affect business continuity. Therefore,​ the​ online business today has a​ void for a​ combined offering that has both a​ solid product/program and realistic and hype-free promises and claims. the​ first to​ fill this void will reap huge benefits in​ the​ online marketplace.

A well established name in​ online business will have a​ better opportunity at​ filling this void and reaping the​ benefits than a​ new person who is​ still starting in​ this marketplace. Yet the​ challenge for those who are well established to​ change their ways from partially hyped messages to​ a​ complete hype-free environment is​ tremendous. Accordingly,​ someone who is​ new to​ the​ industry but committed to​ providing a​ consistent and continuous hype-free messages,​ might be able to​ surprise the​ well established.

I hope that this article does not come across as​ an​ accusation to​ prominent online business people that they are promoting hype,​ yet it​ comes as​ a​ red flag to​ all involved in​ online business who are shaping the​ environment and culture of​ this marketplace.
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