How To Weed Out Online Business Opportunity Scams

It's unfortunate that the​ Internet,​ which seems to​ be the​ source of​ endless opportunity,​ is​ also the​ source of​ an​ even double (or triple) number of​ scams. Why? It's much easier to​ formulate a​ scam that is​ “supposed” to​ give you​ some amazing benefit,​ but ends up stripping people of​ money and in​ fact giving the​ victim the​ complete opposite—nothing,​ than it​ is​ to​ make a​ good product that can really benefit a​ multitude of​ people.

Today I'm going to​ look at​ a​ certain type of​ scam. the​ kind that people can legally get away with. Empty promises that leave people empty handed in​ the​ end. I'm talking about “Online Business Opportunities” that are nothing more than a​ regular scam because they rob people of​ their money,​ and don't allow them to​ make the​ money that they promised. Are all “online business opportunities” scams? No. There are plenty that are very legitimate and can end up making you​ a​ lot of​ money. the​ problem is,​ many of​ the​ sales letters and advertisements for scams and legit companies are nearly identical. I'll outline some methods you​ can use to​ weed out some of​ the​ scams out there. For now,​ we'll focus on​ Internet Marketing Business Opportunities.

#1 – Customer Support

Does the​ opportunity website have a​ way to​ contact someone for “more information” or​ help/questions? if​ so,​ send them a​ message and see what the​ response is​ like. if​ it​ is​ professional,​ informative,​ and they answered your question without beating around the​ bush,​ or​ trying to​ sell you​ something else,​ then chances are it​ is​ a​ good company,​ because if​ it​ was a​ true scam,​ they wouldn't make it​ so easy for people to​ contact them. I've only seen a​ few programs that feature this,​ but if​ they provide live support,​ then you​ know the​ company is​ really serious about making its members happy. And although there are even fewer business opportunities that feature this,​ 24/7 live support is​ the​ best.

#2 – Product(s) to​ promote

If you​ have to​ pay to​ be a​ member,​ and then the​ only point in​ the​ business is​ to​ recruit more people,​ and there is​ no product or​ service being offered (just a​ membership),​ that is​ a​ typical pyramid scheme and should be avoided. What good is​ a​ company that doesn't provide anything? Does it​ really make sense to​ pay for NOTHING and then recruit people and convince them to​ pay for NOTHING? if​ it​ does work,​ only the​ people at​ the​ very top ever make anything,​ and the​ systems usually don't last very long until they fall apart. Once again—stay away from pyramid schemes. Now,​ don't get NOTHING confused with a​ product that is​ in​ development,​ and you​ are selling a​ pre-order of​ the​ product/service. There is​ nothing wrong with pre-ordering...people do it​ all the​ time with movies,​ games,​ etc. if​ a​ product is​ on​ pre-order,​ then there is​ in​ fact a​ PRODUCT and it​ is​ not just a​ pyramid scheme. the​ quality of​ that particular product,​ however,​ is​ subjective.

#3 – Do some research

Many times,​ online business opportunities have a​ company name,​ but are really just sub-companies to​ a​ bigger one. if​ at​ all possible,​ try to​ find out who owns your company and do a​ WHOIS search. you​ can type 'WHOIS' into Google and you​ should find more information on​ that domain. Has the​ domain been registered for very long? Remember,​ don't always go by the​ company's URL if​ they are owned by a​ larger organization. Do a​ WHOIS on​ the​ larger organization,​ and if​ they are an​ established company,​ then there's a​ good chance it​ isn't a​ scam. For example,​ the​ business I am involved with,​ Free1Up,​ is​ owned by Giant Pay. Doing a​ WHOIS on​ shows me that the​ company has been around for at​ least 8 solid years (at the​ time of​ this writing). That's a​ good thing,​ because any company that is​ 4 years or​ older is​ normally reputable because most new businesses formed die within their first 3 years of​ existence.

While those methods of​ identifying an​ online scam are nowhere near conclusive,​ it​ should give you​ a​ good idea on​ which Internet Marketing Business to​ invest in,​ if​ you​ are planning on​ making an​ income from home.
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