How To Survive And Thrive Your Business Online

Success in​ a​ company is​ not about having the​ best technology or​ being the​ smartest or​ even about having the​ best customer service (although none of​ these could hurt). More than ever,​ success is​ now measured in​ speed. Today it​ is​ about thriving in​ an​ ever-evolving world where everything changes so rapidly – and that applies to​ any business. Today is​ a​ world surrounded by buyers who want it​ now,​ want perfection and impeccable service.

In order to​ succeed online,​ your business needs to​ be organized and able to​ handle the​ increased business your web site is​ going to​ generate. Here are some guidelines for running a​ business of​ speed and complete service.

1. Run your business of​ speed.
It’s a​ new phenomenon called Internet time; it’s a​ 24/7 kind of​ world today. This means if​ you’re business is​ not moving ahead 24 hours a​ day 7 days a​ week,​ your business is​ falling deeply behind. Internet time means not only doing business quickly but doing it​ anytime the​ customer wants and for as​ long as​ the​ customer wants it​ done. This I what the​ customers demand,​ and what every company doing business online needs to​ offer. the​ end result is​ a​ business that is​ always working,​ always aware of​ potential business,​ one that is​ always one call,​ email or​ fax away from their clients.

2. Having effective meetings means having short meetings.
Meetings are the​ annoyance of​ many employees workplace. They involve too little discussion,​ take up too much time,​ little gets accomplished,​ people ramble on​ too much,​ and respect and open discussion are often not granted. Meetings though are imperative,​ but the​ way in​ which they are run can definitely be changed for the​ better. Because the​ Internet world moves so fast,​ companies doing business online cannot afford to​ have unproductive meetings.

First set some genuine detail-oriented goals for the​ meeting. Let people have the​ option of​ attending,​ especially if​ the​ issues discussed have nothing to​ do with them. Post the​ meeting summary in​ a​ place commonly seen by employees,​ such as​ the​ break room. Start and end your meetings on​ time,​ and stay within thirty minutes to​ one hour. Have two or​ three shorter meetings through the​ day,​ with short goals to​ be accomplished by the​ next meeting. Also,​ don’t bore people with anything not on​ the​ agenda. Lastly,​ make the​ meetings enjoyable; use skits,​ slideshows,​ charts,​ even puppets to​ get your point across. These moments will likely stick in​ employee’s heads over the​ long,​ drawn-out boring ones.

3. Email several times a​ day.
In the​ Internet world,​ CEOs and employees alike uses technology to​ supercharge productivity. With all of​ the​ pagers,​ cell phones,​ laptops,​ personal organizers and more,​ email is​ definitely the​ most valuable tool. Set up email power sessions with employees; it​ allows for communication with many employees at​ the​ same time and resolves any issues fast. With an​ email message,​ you​ are ensured your message gets delivered to​ all the​ right people exactly how you​ wanted to​ say it,​ without the​ hassle of​ applying phone tag with employees or​ risk miscommunication and misunderstanding. Throughout the​ work day,​ make blocks of​ time strictly to​ email (sending and receiving) at​ least three to​ four times a​ day too.

4. Brand matters on​ the​ Internet.
If your business is​ going to​ succeed in​ the​ Internet world,​ you​ will not only need to​ capture the​ market share,​ but also work on​ improving customer relationships. Whenever your potential or​ current customers need your products or​ services,​ where will they go online? Which Web site will they choose first? Will it​ be yours? Some tips to​ increase your business brand online include discovering a​ way to​ position yourself as​ being unique from your competitors. Create the​ right image,​ and be sure you​ continue to​ reinforce that brand image in​ everything your company does online and offline. Increase the​ number of​ online visitors to​ your Web site through a​ variety of​ Internet marketing strategies. Even if​ your business only sells locally,​ do not be afraid to​ think and market yourself internationally on​ the​ Internet. Advertise,​ advertise,​ advertise. Remember the​ importance of​ earning your customers trust too.

5. the​ power of​ feedback.
Ask your customers for feedback,​ through emails,​ surveyed phone calls,​ feedback forms on​ your Web site,​ case studies and letters. Ask for feedback often,​ whenever you​ are testing out a​ new product,​ reviewing sales on​ an​ existing product or​ service,​ or​ simply because you​ want to​ know how your customers feel about your company. Don’t neglect receiving feedback from your employees too; they know your business too because they work with you.

6. Most importantly,​ have fun!
Create a​ working environment where your employees feel free to​ mix a​ little fun into their daily routines and express themselves comfortably. After all,​ a​ happy employee is​ a​ productive one. Let your employees know they are appreciated and needed too,​ and they will be proud to​ come to​ work with you.

The Internet world is​ about building a​ better business environment through increased communication,​ greater convenience,​ personal enjoyment and greater access to​ information. How does your business measure up online?
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