How To Start An Online Business Without A Website

If you​ are new to​ Internet Marketing and finding it​ difficult to​ get started,​ you’re not alone. you​ probably search the​ Internet for so long that you​ found yourself back at​ the​ same starting point,​ but with a​ lot of​ hype and information overload. Odds are your asking the​ same question,​ “How Do I Get Started?” Fortunately there is​ an​ easy way,​ and best of​ all you​ don't need a​ web site.

Many people think in​ order to​ start a​ business or​ sell a​ product they need a​ web site. the​ typical process would be:

- Find a​ product that can be sold or​ promoted. This can be anything from an​ affiliate program to​ buying resell rights or​ private label rights for ebooks or​ software.

- Build a​ website that requires finding a​ web hosting provider,​ design the​ site,​ and creating content.

- Promote the​ website and product by advertising,​ link exchanges and any other method that will drive traffic to​ your site.

If you​ take one part from each of​ the​ three processes above you​ will have: a​ product from joining an​ affiliate program,​ creating content for distribution,​ and promoting it.

The process now looks like this:

- Join a​ good affiliate program. This can be any kind of​ service or​ digital goods such as​ ebooks or​ software. After signing up for an​ affiliate program you​ will receive a​ link that will include your affiliate ID.

- Create informative quality content about the​ product.

- Promote the​ product.

The last step is​ the​ key on​ how to​ promote the​ product without a​ website. Instead of​ creating the​ content for a​ website,​ create it​ in​ the​ form of​ articles,​ blogs,​ ezines,​ or​ even an​ eBook. Here's how:

Articles - Write an​ article by creating content which is​ relevant to​ the​ product. the​ most important part of​ the​ article is​ the​ resource box at​ the​ bottom (see below),​ or​ sometimes shown as​ 'About the​ Author". This should include a​ short description of​ how to​ find more information for the​ product and include the​ link that points to​ the​ site selling the​ product or​ service. Once you​ submit the​ article,​ it​ will be picked up by web site owners looking for fresh content. Finding article sites are not hard since there are hundreds to​ choose from on​ the​ Internet.

Blogs - One of​ the​ hottest and effective method for selling. Best of​ all a​ website is​ not needed and it's free. Just create content similar to​ writing articles and naturally weave your links in​ the​ blog. Update the​ blog once a​ week and keep using your important keywords. Your blog will be distributed through feeds and will also be crawled by the​ search engines. if​ you​ do your homework,​ you​ may end up on​ the​ first page of​ Google by using good keywords!

Advertise - Many people may opt not to​ advertise because of​ the​ costs,​ but if​ you​ plan your advertising campaigns carefully,​ they will pay for themselves quickly. if​ your budget is​ tight,​ look for free classifieds ads.

Forums - Visit the​ online discussion forums where people in​ your target market like to​ gather. Post useful responses to​ people's questions,​ and include any links that you​ want to​ promote at​ the​ end of​ your post next to​ your name. you​ may be surprise at​ the​ results.

E-Mail Signatures - Create an​ e-mail signature with your name,​ link,​ and a​ short tagline describing the​ main benefit of​ your product. Set your e-mail program to​ automatically add your signature to​ every e-mail that you​ send.

These are just some methods you​ can use to​ market products with out a​ website. Start out with the​ examples above and learn how to​ create quality content and effectively distribute them around the​ Internet. Based on​ this knowledge,​ you​ can begin to​ build a​ solid foundation for your business which will help you​ make money instead of​ ending up at​ the​ beginning from where you​ started!
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