How To Increase Online Business By One Way Link Exchange

How to​ Increase online Business by One way link Exchange
Link Exchange is​ a​ must but be sure if​ you​ link to​ other sites is​ not a​ link farm .​
Link Exchange is​ belong to​
two way link building because it​ needs a​ reciprocal link .​
To practice of​ exchanging links with other websites
or sites,​ you​ may request a​ link exchange to​ other websites by email or​ online form .​
You place their link on​
your site and vice versa .​
Usually when you​ ask a​ link exchange to​ another webmaster,​ your request is​ under a​
review,​if they will accept your request or​ decline .​
They evaluate your website if​ relevant or​ not .​
More relevant
sites that are linkings,​ the​ better .​
The two relevant sites will gain a​ website rank and google page rank.
Two kinds of​ Link Building:
1.) One Way Link Building
2.) Two Way Link Building
One-Way Link Building,​ is​ a​ link to​ your site with no link back to​ or​ no reciprocal link .​
To obtain a​ permanent
link your site to​ the​ reputable and relevant site without reciprocal or​ exchanging link.
Two-Way Link Building or​ a​ Reciprocal Link,​ involving a​ link to​ your site from an​ external source and a​ link
from your site back to​ the​ external source.
One of​ the​ best ways of​ getting a​ website promotion done is​ by doing Link Exchange .​
Doing Link Exchange is​
not such an​ easy job as​ you​ would need to​ consider a​ lot of​ things .​
Remember,​ at​ the​ end of​ the​ day your
objective is​ to​ promote your website .​
One wrong step could generate a​ very bad publicity for your website.
Link Exchange normally happens on​ a​ symbiotic factor but is​ not limited to​ it .​
to​ understand how to​ promote
a website with link exchange,​ understand the​ concept of​ link exchange.
Link Exchange - a​ story!
Link Exchange was conceptualized on​ a​ small yet silly story .​
a​ small time trader who used to​ sell potatoes in​
a wholesale market to​ vendors used to​ get paid x .​
on​ certain seasons,​ the​ demand for his potatoes went down .​

At this time,​ one vendor from the​ whole lot approached the​ small time trader and asked him to​ sell all the​ potatoes
to him .​
Now,​ this greatly benefited both the​ parties as​ the​ small trader was able to​ sell his wares irrespective
of the​ ups and downs in​ the​ demand .​
on​ the​ other hand,​ the​ vendor greatly benefited as​ well as​ he was able to​
stock up the​ potatoes.
A similar analogy is​ applied to​ Link Exchange .​
Two websites identical in​ the​ services provided exchange their
links and pledge popularity to​ each other .​
Hence,​ both the​ websites benefit from mutual co-existence.
How does Link Exchange benefit either websites?
The working of​ Link Exchange is​ synonymous with the​ travails of​ a​ new website rushing to​ get popularity .​

One easy way of​ doing so is​ to​ link up with existing websites that are already popular in​ the​ internet .​

As the​ existing websites are very popular,​ you​ could gain a​ lot when you​ link with them .​
in​ essence,​ it​ is​
a free way of​ generating traffic to​ your website.
The issue here is​ not many existing websites that are popular would want to​ enter such an​ arrangement with a​
new website especially if​ the​ new website is​ a​ competitor .​
Hence,​ you​ would find it​ difficult to​ exchange links
with PR5 links .​
in​ such cases,​ what you​ could do is​ to​ optimize your webpage and acquire a​ decent amount of​
popularity on​ the​ internet .​
Once you​ do so,​ you​ could exchange your link with a​ PR5 Link.
Remember,​ Link Exchange is​ all about you​ benefiting from the​ weblink you​ linked to​ and the​ other webpage benefiting
from you​ .​
There is​ principle of​ good faith here and you​ should do well to​ stick to​ that principle .​
Slowly but surely
as your website builds up its credibility,​ you​ will realize how critical Link Exchange is​ for you.
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