How To Have Your Own Online Business

So you've decided to​ have an​ online business. Before you​ start having those big cash flow dreams,​ stop and get some tips for having an​ online business. There are many internet information resources for doing this sort of​ thing. However,​ the​ basic tips for an​ online business are very close to​ those of​ a​ traditional business. Here are some basics:

• Write a​ business plan and revise that plan periodically. Your business plan should be thought of​ as​ a​ living document. as​ with any business,​ you​ will initially find out what works and what does not work and will have to​ change your plan accordingly.

• Be very careful about buying webspace and pre-packaged website templates for your business (the “we will build your website” people). You'll find that down the​ road it​ will be difficult to​ change the​ site plus get source code to​ it. you​ are better off outsourcing the​ web design with a​ freelancer and purchasing your own domain and installing the​ site yourself.

• Make sure you​ follow all security measures when running a​ site that accepts credit cards for purchases.

• if​ you​ expect to​ receive a​ lot of​ phone calls,​ you​ may want to​ consider hiring an​ answering service.

• Run your online business like a​ business. you​ will need to​ discipline yourself with working hours to​ take care of​ all offsite matters because you​ will have them. a​ lot of​ people make the​ mistake of​ treating their internet business merely as​ a​ website,​ which can be very detrimental because running an​ online business requires an​ approach that you​ would have with an​ offline business.

• Your marketing plan needs to​ include search engine optimization (SEO). This is​ important because you​ want your site to​ rank in​ the​ top 10 of​ search engine query results. you​ would be wise to​ study SEO techniques or​ hire the​ services of​ a​ SEO consultant.

• Some other marketing ideas include posting your web address on​ the​ back windshield of​ your vehicle or​ coordinating with other websites to​ include a​ backlink to​ your site. Word of​ mouth is​ always one of​ the​ best tools for advertising your site. With the​ advent of​ Google Adword,​ Overture and other similar advertising,​ it​ is​ possible to​ drive targeted traffic to​ your site by finding keywords that have very low bids. you​ will be able to​ measure your conversion ratio of​ such traffic with sales in​ realtime.

Customer service is​ even more critical as​ customers do not “see” you​ and building trust with them is​ a​ little harder. Performance builds trust.
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