How To Generate Network Marketing Or Mlm Leads

How to​ Generate Network Marketing or​ MLM Leads
If there’s one thing you​ need in​ order to​ succeed with MLM/Network Marketing its leads .​
Without leads,​ you’ll never make much money regardless of​ your company,​ the​ pay plan,​ your upline or​ anything else .​
You’re also going to​ need a​ lot of​ leads since there’s no way you’ll sign every one to​ be an​ agent .​
How many you’ll need depends on​ several factors such as​ your skill and your business .​
Not to​ mention; if​ you​ have a​ lot of​ leads,​ you​ won’t have to​ feel like you​ have to​ sign every one .​
It’s a​ lot easier to​ say No to​ having someone that doesn’t match what you’re looking for if​ you​ have 20-30 people waiting on​ your call .​
There are other factors involved in​ succeeding,​ but if​ you​ have leads and use them,​ that’s a​ large hurdle passed.
This article aims to​ give you​ a​ few ideas on​ how to​ generate those leads and make it​ as​ simple as​ possible .​
I​ don’t really like the​ term Lead since they’re really just people like you​ and me who are looking for a​ better life; but we’ll use the​ term for this article since that’s a​ commonly excepted term and to​ prevent confusion.
Let’s go over a​ few ways you​ can generate MLM leads.
Call everyone you​ know and ask for referrals.
Tell them about the​ great business you​ have and how they can benefit from either being a​ customer or​ agent .​
If you’ve chosen wisely and believe in​ your company,​ you​ won’t see a​ problem with this .​
If you​ aren’t sure you​ have a​ great business,​ maybe you​ should keep looking .​
a​ great way to​ decide if​ you​ have a​ good company is​ to​ ask yourself if​ you’d sign up your best friend or​ valued member of​ your family .​
Or ask yourself if​ you’d use the​ product if​ there was no pay plan involved .​
If the​ answer is​ No,​ maybe you​ should keep looking.
Build lead capture pages and get them listed high on​ search engines.
This will generate leads that are interested in​ your company .​
However,​ anyone who has worked at​ getting a​ site listed high will tell you​ this is​ time consuming and far from easy and it’s not an​ overnight job either .​
You could spend months working on​ your site and never break the​ top 100.
You can advertise your lead capture page on​ Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines.
The largest sites are Google and Yahoo .​
These are the​ ads that show up at​ the​ top or​ on​ the​ right when you​ search .​
This is​ the​ fastest way and depending on​ the​ key words you’re bidding on​ could be cheap or​ very expensive (some keywords cost over 100 bucks) and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a​ single lead .​
It only guarantees that someone will see your page .​
If you’re going to​ go this route,​ do yourself a​ favor and either get trained on​ how to​ do it​ or​ start slow or​ both .​
You can easily blow hundreds or​ thousands of​ dollars before you​ know it.
You can print flyers and post them on​ bulletin boards around town and put them on​ doors and cars.
If you​ figure a​ 1-2% success rate,​ you’ll get 1-2 leads per hundred flyers and then depending on​ your closing rate,​ you​ can figure out how many flyers you’ll need to​ hand out consistently to​ reach your goals .​
Also figure in​ printing costs .​
Even if​ you’re printing these at​ home,​ you’ll have to​ pay for ink/toner and the​ wear and tear on​ your printer,​ not to​ mention the​ time and gas it​ takes to​ drive around and post the​ flyers .​
You should also get permission from property owners/managers if​ you’re going to​ put them on​ doors or​ cars since some people will throw them on​ the​ ground .​
One other thing to​ be wary about is​ car alarms.
You can spam the​ world with one of​ those e-mail 16 million people for 29.95 spam messages you​ get every week.
Do us both a​ favor and don’t .​
The best you​ can hope for is​ to​ not get blacklisted or​ in​ trouble with the​ feds .​
The odds are that you’ll be visited by the​ feds and/or have your ISP shut you​ down .​
The way these are collected is​ by sending a​ little robot spider to​ crawl the​ web and collect e-mail addresses from forums,​ news groups,​ blogs,​ web sites and anywhere else they can find them .​
These are just bad news and may get you​ kicked out of​ your company since they could be black listed because you​ didn’t follow this advice .​
An easy way to​ tell if​ they are real leads or​ harvested is​ the​ price .​
If they’re unbelievably cheap or​ don’t include i.p .​
address,​ they are probably harvested.
Cold Calling
This is​ just as​ it​ sounds .​
You pick up the​ phone book and start calling .​
This is​ the​ cheapest way to​ generate leads and if​ you​ have a​ thick skin may work for you​ .​
The thing to​ remember is​ that those people may be on​ the​ Do Not Call List and it​ may get you​ in​ trouble .​
The best thing to​ do is​ research the​ legal requirements before attempting this .​
The direct link is​ I’ve never done cold calling so I’m not sure if​ they charge you​ to​ be a​ member or​ not.
You can buy leads from a​ company that generates leads for you.
But even these aren’t created equal .​
Some companies sell the​ same lead to​ 5,​ 10 or​ more people; even people in​ the​ same company as​ you​ and sell them for weeks,​ months or​ longer .​
You could end up with a​ lead that is​ 5 months old and been called by 10 or​ more people and is​ just plain tired of​ talking to​ people or​ has already joined a​ company and is​ quite happy with it .​
Some are also overpriced and use shady tactics to​ get people to​ sign up such as​ contest sites.
Or you​ could join a​ lead Co-Op that only sells the​ lead to​ you​ and generates it​ after you​ order meaning they are about 1-3 days old and only sold once .​
You want to​ make sure the​ company is​ reputable,​ been around for awhile and truly cares about their customers/members .​
They should offer multiple lead packages,​ training on​ how to​ effectively contact those leads,​ multiple autoresponders to​ make contacting them for follow-up (the fortune is​ in​ the​ follow-up) and training them easier and a​ presentation to​ explain what network marketing/MLM actually is​ in​ case the​ person has never heard of​ the​ concept or​ your company doesn’t offer a​ recruiting site .​
It would also help if​ the​ company has a​ pay plan so that as​ you​ refer your new downline to​ the​ great leads you​ use,​ you​ can create an​ extra income stream (or at​ least get them for free) and so can your downline .​
One such Lead Co-Op is​
The thing to​ remember is​ that regardless of​ how the​ lead was generated these people asked for information on​ starting a​ home based business and you​ should make it​ your responsibility to​ get them the​ information as​ soon as​ possible .​
Unless you​ didn’t take my advice and used a​ spam CD; then you’re on​ your own.
Another thing to​ think about when choosing a​ method is​ will it​ be duplicatable to​ your downline and get consistent results? But that’s a​ subject covered in​ a​ previous article.
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