How To Dominate A Niche With Little Marketing Knowledge

How to​ Dominate a​ Niche With Little Marketing Knowledge
To make tons of​ money online,​ keeping things simple is​ the​ best approach .​
I​ see many people buying this product and that product to​ learn the​ latest tips and techniques etc.
If you​ focus on​ the​ simple things that have worked for others,​ you’ll make a​ killing in​ just about any market.
Here are just some of​ the​ things you​ can do to​ be successful in​ just about any market.
1.) Capture leads
2.) Learn your target market
3.) Pump money back into your business
Any person who knows a​ thing or​ two about marketing knows that the​ money is​ in​ the​ list .​
You need to​ capture the​ names and emails of​ your website visitors and email them continuously.
I bet you’ve heard that a​ million times .​
That’s because it​ works.
Yet,​ if​ you’re poking your head around different markets you’ll see that there are many people who still don’t have an​ email signup form on​ their sites .​
If they do have a​ signup form,​ they have the​ form tucked away in​ some little corner where no one sees it.
If you​ do a​ search for the​ major keywords on​ your market and you​ find that many of​ the​ websites do not have optin forms then you​ know that your competitors have poor marketing skills .​
Having an​ email form is​ one of​ the​ most basic but effective marketing techniques ever.
The second step is​ to​ learn about your target market .​
That’s because you​ need to​ know what buttons to​ push when it​ comes to​ writing sales copy .​
Again,​ it​ doesn’t take a​ lot to​ write money sucking copy for many niche markets .​
You don’t have to​ know the​ deepest psychological tricks to​ get visitors to​ buy .​
You need to​ know some of​ the​ things that your target market is​ interested in​ and then gear your ad copy towards their concerns and interests.
The third step is​ to​ pump money back into your business .​
That’s a​ fundamental factor for success in​ any business .​
When you’re selling something on​ a​ website and you​ have measured conversion levels,​ those numbers will remain the​ same no matter if​ you​ have 100 visitors or​ 1,​000 visitors a​ day.
Let’s say you​ have a​ conversion rate of​ 2% .​
For every 100 people who visit your site,​ two of​ them become customers .​
Now you​ need to​ take the​ money from those two sales and drive more people to​ your site .​
Now you​ have 1,​000 visitors and you​ get 20 sales .​
Take a​ portion of​ that and reinvest in​ your business .​
Know your numbers and keep tossing money to​ fuel the​ fire.
There are tons of​ niches online that are begging for you​ to​ step in​ and dominate .​
Simply find the​ markets where people obviously have little marketing skills and take over the​ market .​
You can even offer to​ buy out another business and pick up where they left off.
Head over to​ the​ digital marketplace called and browse through the​ listings .​
Dig deep within each category and find out the​ products with bad sales copy and marketing skills .​
Do a​ little research to​ see if​ that market has money circulating.
To do this,​ all you​ have to​ do is​ find what the​ top advertisers are paying in​ pay per click search engines .​
If people are paying a​ lot to​ get traffic then you​ know that the​ people in​ that target market are willing to​ spend the​ money.
You then set up an​ optin page to​ capture leads and see if​ people are information hungry .​
If they are,​ then your optin rate will be good .​
I​ generally go for optin rates of​ at​ least 20%.
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