How To Design A Website For Your Online Business

Whether you​ choose to​ design a​ website from scratch or​ use a​ free Web template to​ design a​ website for your online business,​ there are many things to​ ask yourself before you​ get started:

1. Do you​ plan on​ selling products on​ your website? Will you​ need a​ shopping cart to​ collect payments?

2. Do you​ plan on​ displaying articles or​ having a​ blog?

3. Do you​ plan on​ having advertising on​ your website?

4. Does the​ website design need to​ be interactive for site visitors?

5. Do you​ want to​ run your website through a​ content management system (CMS)?

6. Does the​ website need to​ include an​ audio or​ video player?

7. Would your target market appreciate a​ flashy design,​ or​ something simple?

Once you’ve answered those questions,​ it’s time to​ design a​ website for your online business. There are a​ few general options to​ consider when deciding how to​ design a​ website:

1. Hire a​ professional Web designer and/or Web programmer to​ create a​ custom Web design and backend system or​ e-commerce solution,​ including any necessary tools. you​ can find great programmers and designers at​ websites such as​ and When you​ post a​ project on​ either of​ these services be sure not to​ choose a​ bidder just because they are the​ cheapest. Choose someone with a​ very long history of​ positive feedback.

2. Design a​ website yourself if​ you​ already have the​ Web design and coding skills (or take the​ time to​ learn HMTL/XHTML/CSS/PHP etc.). I only recommend this option if​ you​ are very technical and very quick. Your time is​ best spent on​ building your business not learning the​ details of​ web design -- unless,​ of​ course,​ you​ want to​ get into the​ business of​ web design.

3. Use a​ pre-designed Web template from free Web template providers,​ or​ purchase a​ Website template. you​ can use Web templates as-is,​ or​ customize them to​ fit your needs. a​ great source for templates is​

4. if​ you​ don't have any experience with creating websites and you​ do not want to​ hire a​ designer then there is​ still an​ option for you. I like to​ refer to​ this option as​ a​ Website-In-A-Box or​ a​ Store-In-A-Box. Basically the​ service gives you​ everything you​ need to​ get your website online quickly and easily. Yes,​ you​ have to​ pay a​ little more for these services and some of​ them even take a​ percentage of​ every sale but your website design will not stand between you​ and your ultimate goal -- making money online. Some examples of​ these services are Yahoo Small Business (,​,​ and

No matter how you​ decide to​ design a​ website for your online business,​ make sure that the​ website design serves the​ needs of​ both your online business and its customers or​ target visitors.
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