How To Create An Online Business With Affiliate Programs

How to​ Create an​ Online Business with Affiliate Programs
Just ten years ago,​ having a​ Web presence was perceived as​ something rather exotic .​
Web pioneers were trying to​ find a​ way to​ bring the​ Internet to​ the​ masses,​ and email was still in​ its infancy as​ people battled to​ stay online with their dial-up connections .​
What a​ change a​ decade can make! Today,​ there are millions of​ websites and virtually any person can start up an​ online business .​
Obtaining domains and web hosting are just a​ few clicks away,​ and business opportunities abound .​
The primary challenge is​ finding an​ online business opportunity that can bring in​ revenues without you​ having to​ actually sell products,​ stock inventory,​ or​ deal with customers .​
That's where affiliate programs come in​ .​
The truth is,​ one of​ the​ best mechanisms for monetizing a​ website is​ through affiliate programs .​
Even if​ you've never heard of​ them,​ chances are you've seen affiliate programs on​ hundreds of​ websites .​
They are the​ buttons and banners and links that advertise ecommerce sites both large and small .​
Every time a​ person clicks from your website to​ that of​ an​ affiliate website and that person buys something,​ you​ get a​ percentage of​ the​ sale .​
Although the​ percentage is​ relatively small,​ the​ more traffic you​ drive to​ your website,​ the​ higher your clickthroughs and the​ higher your sales .​
Although some people are willing to​ invest an​ incredible amount of​ time signing up for individual affiliate programs and building their own websites,​ there are actually companies that will do the​ legwork for you​ .​
In fact,​ they will provide you​ with your own domain or​ domains and you​ can reap the​ rewards of​ a​ variety of​ affiliate programs .​
The best online business affiliate programs will set you​ up with an​ interesting website with a​ variety of​ affiliates .​
Here are some examples:
Auctions: One portion of​ your home page can be a​ portal to​ eBay auctions,​ and actually list many of​ eBay's main categories .​
It also might have a​ banner ad that lists auctions that are ending soon,​ as​ well as​ an​ in-banner search box so visitors can search for items of​ interest .​
Shopping Malls: Another section of​ your home page might be dedicated to​ affiliate ads from a​ big company like .​
As with the​ auction section,​ the​ navigation bar will list a​ number of​ categories and will take your website visitors to​ the​ area in​ which they're interested .​
Nutrition: you​ might also have several smaller graphics that are affiliates of​ nutrition companies,​ and that sell,​ for example,​ bodybuilding or​ weight loss supplements .​
Similarly,​ you​ may have affiliate links for ecommerce sites that book vacations or​ that sell flowers,​ electronics,​ or​ supplies for pets .​
Beyond the​ affiliate links,​ your website will also have interesting and useful up-to-the-minute information for your site visitors .​
For example,​ you​ may have a​ news banner that provides visitors with headline news,​ world news,​ and news about technology and entertainment .​
It may also have stock quotes and weather information .​
The money you​ make from your online business comes from two sources: affiliate links and from referrals to​ others who join the​ business opportunity through your website .​
Now that the​ barriers to​ successful online business opportunities have been broken,​ there's no reason that you​ can't launch your own online business and reap the​ rewards from affiliate programs.
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