How To Classify Your Network Marketing Prospect List Part 1

Are you​ new to​ Network Marketing?

If you​ are,​ then one of​ the​ first things your sponsor or​ upline has probably already told you​ is​ that you​ will need to​ create a​ prospect list. I explain the​ reasons why you​ need to​ create a​ list of​ at​ least 100 names in​ another article I've written,​ called "Your #1 Secret Weapon".

Once you​ have written your prospect list,​ it's time to​ start approaching the​ people on​ your list with your business opportunity. Many people feel that you​ should just start calling the​ names on​ your list.

I have a​ different point of​ view. in​ my experience,​ I have found that once you​ have created your prospect list,​ it's time to​ do some "classifying."

It's important to​ understand that by classifying your prospect list,​ I am not talking about pre-judging,​ or​ pre-qualifying people for your business opportunity.

You should not prejudge people,​ as​ there is​ no way you​ can predict who is​ going to​ seize your network marketing business opportunity and use it​ to​ transform their lives for the​ better and who is​ going to​ do absolutely nothing with it,​ despite having shown all the​ signs of​ being a​ potential "hot" prospect.

Also,​ do not pre-qualify the​ people on​ your list. This happens AFTER you​ have presented them your business opportunity. People will then qualify themselves "in" or​ "out" of​ your business. Your job is​ simply to​ present them with information,​ then allow them to​ make an​ informed decision as​ to​ whether your business opportunity is​ right for them or​ not.

Classifying the​ people on​ your prospect list is​ different. you​ are looking for people that you​ believe are worth approaching first,​ because you​ instinctively feel that they make a​ great contribution to​ the​ growth of​ your network marketing team.

You will want to​ classify the​ people on​ your prospect list in​ terms of​ criteria such as:

Location - Can you​ drive out to​ meet them within,​ say,​ 45 mins to​ one hour? or​ do they live interstate or​ overseas?

Character - Are they positive and open to​ new ideas? Are they coachable and can they follow a​ system? Are they people who take immediate action when they recognize an​ opportunity? Do they have a​ large circle of​ influence? Asking these questions will help you​ identify potentially good business partners.

Remember that,​ as​ the​ CEO of​ your own organization,​ you​ will want to​ recruit the​ very best team you​ possibly can find. Classifying your contact list will help you​ identify other individuals who share your values. I recommend building your "dream" network marketing team with people who have the​ qualities that you​ strive for and admire.

Other Criteria - Are there people in​ your prospect list who are currently involved in​ another Network Marketing company,​ or​ who have previous experience building a​ multi-level marketing business? This can either be a​ good thing,​ as​ they may already be open to​ the​ concept of​ Network Marketing,​ or​ not so good,​ if​ they received poor training and experienced lack of​ upline support in​ the​ past and now are carrying some negative feelings or​ misconceptions about the​ Network Marketing industry.

The same thing applies to​ approaching professional salespeople. Some sales-trained professionals may be open to​ the​ idea of​ Network Marketing once they realize that multi-level marketing organizations create their sales volume based on​ a​ lot of​ people using and recommending a​ little bit of​ product each,​ and some may not get the​ point of​ Network Marketing at​ all,​ preferring instead to​ continue earning sales commissions through the​ addition of​ their individual sales,​ instead of​ via the​ multiplication and leverage of​ a​ team of​ people working together!

To read the​ rest of​ this article and learn more ways to​ classify your prospect list,​ visit my business training website:
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