How To Build Your Own Web Site For Your Online Business

How to​ Build Your Own Web Site For Your Online Business
Most everyone will agree,​ if​ you​ are going to​ do business online,​ you​ need your own web site .​
It can be a​ mini-site or​ a​ full blown multi-page site .​
These days,​ maybe you​ just need a​ blog as​ a​ web site .​
Find out what you​ need to​ know to​ build your own web site,​ get web hosting for that site and start your online business right.
If you​ are serious about sustaining a​ long term home based internet business,​ you​ should have a​ web site of​ your own .​
Having your own web site will give you​ much more flexibility on​ how you​ approach your online business as​ well as​ provide you​ with a​ means to​ give your web business a​ presence on​ the​ internet .​
Having this presence and making yourself known on​ the​ internet will improve the​ level of​ trust you​ will receive by your potential customers.
Having your own site may open up many possibilities that you​ could never have imagined .​
For the​ many who embark upon their own web site adventure,​ it​ becomes a​ learning experience with no equal.
Your web site will take on​ a​ personality of​ its own and be the​ front door to​ your online home business .​
You may see it​ as​ a​ very patient friend,​ waiting calmly for you​ to​ discover some little hidden function,​ which opens up a​ whole range of​ entirely new possibilities,​ and starts your thoughts racing - thinking about how to​ capitalize on​ that particular feature.
You may get a​ little careless,​ or​ get too relaxed with it,​ then bam! Right between the​ eyes - you​ end up with a​ big problem .​
But,​ building your own web site for your online business is​ fun,​ can be profitable,​ and most certainly can feed that creative flair in​ all of​ us .​
The first thng to​ do when starting your web site is​ to​ pick a​ domain name .​
the​ domain name will be something like .​
a​ domain name should be researched carefully .​
Its best to​ have highly searched for keywords in​ the​ name .​
a​ neat and free tool to​ help you​ pick a​ domain name is​ the​ Domain Twist .​
There are many places to​ get domain names .​
I​ prefer or​ Netfirms for domain name registration .​
Netfirms currenty has a​ promotion to​ receive a​ 1 year domain registration for $4.95.
You can also use Wordtracker's FREE trial to​ give you​ keyword ideas:
Searching Google at​ will give you​ an​ idea about competition for any particular keyword.
Use Overture's search box to​ find how many times your keyword was searched on​ last month:
Once you​ have a​ domain name you​ will need a​ web site hosting account to​ host the​ domain .​
Web hosting accounts vary significantly with disk space allowed,​ bandwith,​ number of​ supported domains,​ and other important considerations .​
Most annual hosing accounts that would be more than adequate to​ run your online business will cost between $6 - $10 per month .​
Currently,​ I​ recommend BlueHost and Host Gator web hosting accounts .​
Both have recently received performance awards and they have very competitive hosting plans for your web site .​
When selecting a​ web host,​ pay special attention and compare capability like PHP support,​ MySQL database allotment,​ subdomains,​ script support and others.
The next thing that you​ need to​ do is​ build your actual web site .​
I​ am not an​ html or​ javascript programmer per se,​ but I​ can do minor html programming/editing with a​ good editor .​
I​ like Coffee Cup or​ HTML Edit for small jobs and one page web site editing .​
You can also use a​ template to​ build your actual web pages .​
You can find them all over the​ internet for free. - has all kinds of​ webmaster goodies,​ including really great looking CSS templates. - templates and videos about mini site creation - click the​ not yet a​ member link to​ join .​
It's FREE .​
Then go to​ the​ download area and pick what you​ need.
My absolute favorite for program for building web sites though is​ Killer SEO Site Builder .​
This is​ a​ PHP script that you​ install on​ your web host account .​
the​ script provides you​ with a​ real easy rich text html editor .​
It also has tons of​ features that optimize your site for the​ search engines.
Get a​ FREE copy of​ 7 days to​ Massive Web Site Traffic at​ .​
It outlines the​ steps to​ a​ web page that can rank high in​ the​ search engines,​ and even goes beyond just your web pages,​ to​ tell you​ the​ rest of​ the​ story .​
I​ thoroughly enjoyed it.
When you​ get ot the​ SEO Elite web site,​ scroll through the​ sales pitch,​ then close the​ page .​
The 7 Days popup appears .​
It sounds like a​ lot of​ trouble,​ but believe me,​ it's worth it.
Don't load your site down with slow loading banners and images .​
Use low-res images that have been optimized for use on​ the​ web.
Write your web site page content,​ commonly referred to​ as​ copy,​ then play editor: write,​ hack,​ rewrite,​ rewrite,​ rewrite,​ until it​ is​ crisp,​ clear,​ to​ the​ point,​ and utterly understandable .​
Repeat your strongest point or​ benefit a​ number of​ times (at least three) .​
Some people just don't get it​ the​ first time or​ two .​
Spread your text out a​ bit .​
Don't double space,​ but use very short paragraphs,​ and lots of​ headings with some space between the​ heading and the​ paragraph.
When you​ put together your web site,​ target your audience .​
Don't talk about network marketing to​ veterinarians .​
They may be interested in​ network marketing,​ but they probably got to​ your site via a​ search for a​ pet animal product and that's what they're looking for .​
When you​ know your target audience you​ can be sure not to​ speak (write) above their heads .​
Use words they will understand without Webster's help .​
You may get by with writing a​ little below their level,​ but never above it.
Keep your fonts constant throughout your site .​
Variety may be the​ spice of​ life but can really look lousy on​ a​ web page .​
You can vary the​ size a​ bit,​ and throw in​ a​ little color,​ but stay conservative with the​ type style.
Know your target audience,​ and be sure not to​ speak (write) above their heads .​
Use words they will understand without Webster's help .​
You may get by with writing a​ little below their level,​ but never above it.
Highlight important selling words and phrases with bolding,​ italics,​ underlining,​ and color .​
Just don't overdo it.
Don't forget,​ purchases are never made on​ logic,​ but on​ emotion .​
Use copy that is​ designed to​ trigger an​ emotional response,​ such as​ a​ sense of​ loss,​ one of​ the​ strongest: If you​ wait,​ this offer may no longer be available at​ this price .​
Get it​ now at​ this ridiculously low price,​ and it's yours forever.
Once you​ have your web site built you​ will need to​ upload it​ to​ your web site host (unless you​ are using KSEO Site Builder) .​
a​ good and free FTP program to​ use for uploading and downloading to​ and from your host is​ SmartFTP .​
When you​ upload your site,​ you​ must upload the​ index.html file,​ any other linked HTML files,​ all the​ graphics files and any external CSS or​ Javascript files you​ may have created.
Once you​ are online focus on​ driving targeted traffic to​ your web site by writng articles,​ getting backlinks and Search Engine Optimization.
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