How To Boost Your Online Business By Interacting With Visitors

Running an​ online business means depending on​ website visitors and online sales.

Online businesses usually try to​ replace every possible interaction among the​ seller and the​ buyer with automated functions. They try to​ provide customers with functionalities to​ search through products,​ change their attributes,​ inform themselves of​ features,​ add products to​ virtual shopping baskets and at​ the​ end – automatically check out and pay.

The whole process is​ dependent upon the​ credibility of​ your company in​ your customers’ eyes,​ their ability to​ find the​ desired product and make the​ purchase decision using the​ available information. According to​ this,​ the​ most important variable is​ your ability to​ anticipate their needs,​ provide the​ required information and reinforce credibility through the​ buying process.

Why not take things into your own hands?

Why not help your visitors and interact with them while buying and making decisions?

Why not be there for providing more information?

Why not show them that you​ care?

And why not do all this with the​ greatest of​ ease?

All those things can be done by using live chat support software. it​ will give your website the​ charm of​ the​ traditional store and you​ can “walk” with your customer through the​ site and give assistance when needed.

What can you​ improve by using live chat support?

You can help your customers to:

• find relevant information quickly on​ your e-commerce website;
• get additional information about your products and services;
• make quicker decisions when choosing products,​ by asking them certain questions and offering the​ best-suited product;
• reassure themselves about the​ trustworthiness of​ the​ website;
• and make the​ check-out and payment processes a​ ‘painless’ experience.

And you​ can help yourself to:

• increase sales
• provide visitors with exceptional online customer service;
• have an​ instant view of​ how many visitors are currently browsing your website;
• have an​ instant insight into how long they have stayed on​ each page;
• initiate chat with any visitor anytime;
• find out what your customers like / dislike about your products and company and take actions to​ reinforce or​ correct it;
• find out what kind of​ information you​ can add to​ your website or​ your FAQ and how to​ reorganize the​ content on​ the​ website;
• promote your special or​ seasonal offers proactively
• and many other gains depending on​ your type of​ business.

The whole point is​ to​ provide a​ two-way channel for communication. you​ provide your customers the​ answers they need and vice versa – they provide your company with valuable feed-back about their opinions and preferences.

Adding an​ interaction channel to​ an​ online business has the​ greatest benefits compared to​ brick & click and pure offline businesses,​ because there is​ no other channel for real time communication with customers.
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