How To Begin Developing A Successful Online Business

The sheer size of​ the​ Internet can be intimidating… especially for someone who wants to​ develop an​ online business,​ but has limited experience in​ knowing exactly how to​ do it.

What if​ you​ don’t have a​ product or​ service? How can you​ create something that has a​ reasonable chance for success? And,​ even if​ you​ already have the​ product or​ service,​ how do you​ know it​ will sell as​ an​ online business?

Achieving long-term success with Internet (online) marketing is​ not much different than accomplishing the​ same thing offline. Notice I said “long-term” success.

Your offering must be believable and clearly presented.

The perceived value of​ your offering must be greater than your asking price.

You need to​ develop an​ ongoing relationship with your client base.

You must guarantee complete satisfaction and maintain a​ refund policy.

You should over deliver by providing more than is​ expected.

Here’s a​ simple way you​ can begin to​ develop your own online business and potentially generate some respectable extra income.

Pick some subjects in​ which you​ have strong interest. For example,​ health and fitness,​ poker,​ mountain biking,​ computer games,​ etc. it​ doesn’t make any difference as​ long as​ you​ really enjoy talking about and participating in​ the​ subject.

You can include your regular business activity. For example,​ let’s say you’re a​ stock broker. Or,​ you​ have a​ carpet cleaning business and really know your stuff about cleaning carpets. Or,​ you’re a​ seamstress for a​ garment manufacturer and the​ quality of​ your work is​ as​ good as​ it​ comes.

Next,​ go to: and type in​ the​ word or​ phrase to​ describe your strong interest category. For example,​ “carpet cleaning”.

When this article was written the​ Overture Inventory data for September 2018 was used and it​ indicated 99,​572 searches were performed during that particular month. in​ other words,​ people were searching for information online about carpet cleaning to​ the​ tune of​ over three thousand each day.

Now “carpet cleaning” is​ pretty generic and not particularly quantifiable. But look down the​ long list of​ other carpet cleaning searches. For example,​ dry carpet cleaning or​ carpet cleaning solutions or​ carpet cleaning chemical. And,​ notice the​ exceptional number of​ carpet cleaning “cities” that appear.

If you​ know a​ lot about carpet cleaning,​ you​ can create a​ manual (40 – 100 pages) with tons of​ important information about carpet cleaning. you​ could make subtle changes to​ the​ information and adapt titles to​ specifically relate to​ different cities.

For example,​ “10 Great Ideas Boston Homeowners Can Use to​ Get Their Carpets Immaculately Cleaned”. Then,​ “10 Great Ideas Los Angeles Homeowners Can Use to​ Get Their Carpets Immaculately Cleaned”.

The point is​ that the​ subject matter “carpet cleaning” appears to​ draw significant search engine traffic. Creating a​ manual (produced in​ e-book format) should not be difficult provided you​ have genuine interest and enthusiasm to​ do so.

Once you​ know your subject of​ interest draws traffic it’s easy to​ begin research and compile your notes into a​ downloadable e-book. Then,​ you​ create a​ mini-website composed of​ your sales letter and thank you​ page.

The sales letter mini-site explains your offer and provides a​ clickable link to​ a​ third party money collector like PayPal. Once the​ money has been collected your reader is​ taken automatically to​ your thank you​ page that provides the​ download link to​ get your e-book.

There are free software tools available to​ help you. For instance,​ your e-book can be prepared in​ PDF format,​ which is​ the​ best for the​ largest audience.

To help your product look more professional free software is​ available to​ create an​ attractive cover. Even though your e-book isn’t going to​ be “hard” printed,​ nevertheless,​ you​ want to​ make it​ look like it​ could be a​ hardcover.

You don’t need to​ have your own merchant account to​ process credit cards. PayPal can handle this for a​ small transaction fee.

There are numerous aspects to​ making your online business successful not the​ least of​ which is​ getting your mini-site in​ front of​ as​ many people as​ possible.

But the​ first step is​ to​ get you​ off dead center. So,​ perhaps you​ now understand it​ isn’t difficult to​ take your favorite subject or​ hobby and turn it​ into a​ profit center.
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