How Safe Are Women Traveling Alone In Jamaica

How Safe are Women Traveling Alone in​ Jamaica?
Whether women travel alone,​ or​ with a​ partner,​ the​ first thing that they need to​ be aware of​ – and if​ they aren’t before they arrive,​ it​ won’t take long for them to​ learn – is​ that women are not generally respected by Jamaican men .​
They may find that they have admirers but a​ quick dip into the​ local community will show how much real respect is​ attached to​ the​ admiration!
Women tourists who travel alone need to​ be extra vigilant about personal security and make sure that they know what areas of​ the​ place they are staying are relatively safe for tourists – especially women – and which aren’t .​
They should always make sure that someone knows where they are going if​ they are leaving the​ hotel grounds,​ and they should make sure that they don’t stand out from the​ crowd too much .​

It may not be very appealing for an​ independent woman from the​ US to​ have to​ join a​ group tour simply because going alone isn’t recommended,​ but if​ you​ are in​ Jamaica,​ you​ must listen to​ the​ recommendations on​ personal safety issues .​
They aren’t given just to​ stop the​ hotel being sued in​ the​ unlikely event of​ you​ being mugged .​
They are issued for your own safety by people who know that as​ beautiful as​ the​ country is,​ there is​ another side to​ it,​ that must be respected .​
If you​ enjoy solitude,​ then join a​ tour but keep yourself to​ yourself on​ the​ bus,​ and go your own way when you​ arrive at​ the​ destination – just don’t wander too far away from the​ rest of​ the​ tourists!
Just as​ you​ would follow some basic safety rules if​ you​ were visiting a​ city such as​ New York,​ follow the​ safety information given to​ you​ at​ your Jamaican destination and you​ should be as​ safe as​ you​ would be walking through Manhatten.
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