How I Dodged The Scams To Finally Start An Online Business

I was always a​ very positive person. I took pride in​ having been successful in​ business and I took that position for granted. Then I retired.

From that moment on​ it​ was as​ if​ I had swallowed ‘stupid pills’,​ I seemed to​ become less interesting to​ other people,​ as​ if​ I no longer had anything of​ value to​ say. After a​ while I started to​ believe them,​ I began to​ lose my confidence and even made some financial decisions I never would have made when I was in​ business. My income began to​ dwindle and I realized I was becoming insecure and depressed.

My salvation was my computer. it​ sat there,​ on​ my desk,​ neglected and forlorn,​ mocking me to​ get a​ life. I finally decided to​ get back online to​ look for something to​ do,​ first,​ to​ make money,​ but also to​ regain my confidence. I needed to​ remind myself that I could draw on​ a​ substantial bank of​ knowledge and business experience.

When,​ as​ a​ newbie,​ you​ search Google for any words connected with Home Business,​ Online marketing etc,​ the​ response is​ overwhelming. With so many choices and so much hype you​ quickly realize that to​ proceed is​ to​ walk in​ quicksand. How do you​ choose someone to​ trust? How do you​ pick out the​ genuine offers from the​ scams? And if​ and when you​ do,​ will there be anyone to​ back you​ up with support once you​ have paid the​ money? More than likely there won’t be.

Like most people I was very cynical about the​ possibility of​ making money on​ the​ Internet. Reading a​ lot of​ the​ websites didn’t help. Unrealistic promises don’t impress online any more than they do offline. Despite knowing this,​ I read as​ many as​ I could find and even joined a​ couple to​ test the​ water.

I learned some very valuable things that all newbies would profit from. For example,​ there would not be half the​ websites on​ the​ net if​ you​ were to​ remove all the​ misleading,​ if​ not outright scam websites,​ run by people who are focussed only on​ recruiting for membership fees and offer you​ nothing in​ return but self serving hype and empty promises. I am sure many enthusiastic beginners find themselves back in​ the​ real world with an​ overdrawn bank account or​ a​ maxed out credit card.

These pseudo sites purport to​ have systems that are ‘new’ and ‘different’,​ and can guarantee to​ make you​ a​ fortune. People unfamiliar with affiliate programs often have no idea that beneath the​ veneer lie a​ common link between most of​ them and what people are really paying for is​ a​ sales pitch with no purpose but to​ sign you​ up and get your money. Sure,​ some of​ them have a​ good story,​ they may even believe that they are going to​ help the​ buyer,​ but at​ the​ end of​ the​ day they have their own business to​ run and their priority is​ to​ move on​ to​ the​ next prospect.

I wonder if​ they realize that they leave hundreds; possibly thousands of​ disappointed and often,​ financially wounded victims behind. These people have been let down and hurt,​ but they have also been lost to​ the​ industry forever and they will no doubt perpetuate the​ common consensus that you​ can’t make money on​ the​ Internet. Doesn’t that mean everybody pays?

Perhaps it’s time to​ ‘out’ these websites. it​ would be a​ public service to​ list them and make the​ list available in​ as​ many places as​ you​ can find the​ scams.

As for myself,​ I was lucky,​ I found an​ honest,​ helpful trader and I’ll be forever grateful for having decided to​ search just one more day for just the​ right business for me,​ because,​ you​ see,​ I was one of​ those ready to​ give up.
How I Dodged The Scams To Finally Start An Online Business How I Dodged The Scams To Finally Start An Online Business Reviewed by Henda Yesti on July 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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