How Do Moms Get To The Real Money With Their Online Business

Recently I had the​ opportunity to​ pick the​ brains of​ a​ 15 women with successful online businesses. Each of​ them are earning a​ very good full time income,​ many of​ them on​ a​ part time basis,​ working from home.

So many women struggle when they launch an​ online business. It's not that difficult to​ earn a​ few dollars with a​ website,​ but getting to​ the​ full time money seems out of​ reach for so many. Why do so few meet their income goals? What's missing?

What I wanted to​ know was what made these women who are earning real money online different. Was it​ getting the​ right information? Working harder? Talent? or​ something else? you​ might be interested to​ see what I found out.

In reading through their stories,​ I found that these moms mostly said very similar things,​ only in​ slightly different ways. Here were some of​ the​ major themes:

Coaching and Mentoring

Most of​ the​ women I interviewed said that finding a​ coach or​ mentor made a​ dramatic difference in​ their business. Having a​ coach or​ mentor can shorten the​ learning curve by months or​ even years.

If you​ have been marketing online for some time,​ hiring a​ coach can help you​ see what you're doing right and what you​ may be doing wrong,​ where you​ may be wasting time and effort,​ and where you​ can be more productive.

Joint Ventures and Networking

There is​ a​ lot of​ networking going on​ online,​ to​ be sure. But is​ it​ really profitable? or​ is​ it​ a​ case of​ the​ blind (or in​ this case,​ broke) leading the​ blind? Several of​ the​ women I interviewed said that forming joint venture partners really rocketed their business forward. the​ key was networking and forming joint venture partnerships with people who were where they wanted to​ be,​ who were 3 steps (or more) ahead.

Focus and Target Market

Another common lesson throughout the​ stories was: pick a​ target market and focus. Several of​ the​ moms said that they had made the​ mistake of​ trying to​ be all things to​ all people,​ or​ having their hands in​ too many pots. It's one thing to​ maximize your marketing efforts by going wide in​ your business and serving your main target market with several websites and products. It's another thing entirely to​ try to​ be successful in​ several unrelated markets.

Investing in​ Continuing Education

Another component to​ success online that many of​ my interviewees mentioned is​ the​ importance they placed on​ their personal marketing and business education. These successful women continually invested in​ their learning. And what's more,​ they applied what they were learning to​ their business for continued growth and progress. Don't let ebooks and membership communities gather virtual dust on​ your desktop. Use the​ learning products you've purchased to​ propel you​ forward.
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