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Hostels are a​ cheap travel secret of​ budget travelers. They have been around in​ one form or​ another for a​ long time,​ and are oriented towards young travelers and anyone else seeking inexpensive accommodations. the​ U.S. version used to​ be more complicated,​ with guests helping with chores. They are simpler now. you​ rent a​ bed instead of​ a​ room,​ sharing the​ bathroom,​ living room and kitchen. Less privacy,​ but cheaper accommodations,​ and you​ get to​ socialize.

My first time in​ Quito,​ Ecuador I stayed at​ Centro Del Mundo,​ a​ hostel near the​ center of​ the​ area they call "Gringolandia." $4 per night included breakfast. I shared a​ room and bathroom with 4 others,​ and a​ T.V. room with guests from 14 countries,​ and channels in​ three languages. it​ was clean and comfortable,​ with a​ locking trunk next to​ each bed for valuables.

For 80 cents I could have a​ rum-and-coke brought to​ me while I played chess with a​ flower-buyer from Holland. the​ manager could arrange anything from $15-tours of​ the​ snow-covered volcano Cotapaxi,​ to​ $2-per-hour Spanish lessons. Friday nights the​ rum was bought by the​ manager,​ and there was a​ party out in​ the​ patio.

Is a​ Hostel For You?

Not all hostels are as​ much fun as​ the​ one I stayed at​ in​ Quito,​ nor would all travelers want that kind of​ place. I happen to​ love hostels,​ but most travelers won't. I like mingling with travelers from around the​ world. "Mingling,​" of​ course,​ could mean sleeping next to​ a​ snorer.

In a​ hotel you​ are more isolated than in​ a​ hostel,​ but a​ private room has its advantages. I'm sure the​ idea of​ sharing a​ room is​ too much for some people,​ as​ is​ waiting to​ use the​ shower. a​ hostel is​ definitely a​ different experience from staying in​ a​ hotel.

Even if​ they were the​ same price,​ I'd prefer a​ hostel to​ a​ hotel,​ but one of​ the​ biggest reasons people stay in​ hostels is​ to​ save money. For this,​ they're a​ good option when you're traveling alone. Since my wife and I travel together now,​ we don't stay in​ hostels often. you​ pay for two beds,​ after all,​ which makes hotels more competitive.

Some hostels do have private rooms. if​ you​ are not sure you​ like the​ idea of​ sharing a​ room,​ but you​ like the​ idea of​ a​ more social environment,​ ask about this. Sometimes you​ can even get a​ private room with a​ bathroom.

Hostels are not as​ common in​ the​ U.S. as​ in​ other countries,​ unless you​ include "bed-and-breakfast" places. These are somewhat like high-priced hostels,​ but with private rooms. Fortunately,​ there are still a​ few regular hostels in​ almost every state,​ and they are still a​ great alternative when you​ want alternative (and cheap) travel.
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