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Holland certainly has a​ reputation with travelers. Known for having a​ very liberal attitude on​ social issues such as​ prostitution and drugs,​ the​ reputation is​ not always deserved. Yes,​ marijuana and prostitution is​ legal,​ but there is​ so much more to​ the​ country. Many look at​ Amsterdam as​ Holland,​ but visitors know there is​ much more. if​ you​ desire to​ travel to​ Holland,​ also known as​ the​ Netherlands,​ don’t miss these attractions.


Simply put,​ Amsterdam has something for everyone. the​ city is​ an​ incredibly beautiful collection of​ old world European architecture elegantly partitioned by canals. in​ truth,​ the​ city is​ built on​ roughly 90 small islands,​ although you​ can hardly tell. Transportation is​ best undertaken on​ foot or​ by bicycle. With a​ cool climate,​ you’ll barely break a​ sweat.

Contrary to​ popular opinion,​ Amsterdam is​ not just a​ city of​ liberal policies. Yes,​ coffee bars sell things other then just coffee. Yes,​ there are women in​ windows that are awfully friendly. Still,​ there is​ so much more to​ experience in​ the​ city.

Van Gogh Museum

The Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh houses the​ world's largest collection of​ the​ work of​ Vincent van Gogh. From his early work,​ the​ museum contains 700 artistic works and 850 letters. After moving to​ Paris in​ 1886,​ van Gogh entered an​ impressionist period,​ of​ which the​ museum contains a​ large collection. Perhaps the​ most interesting thing about the​ collection is​ the​ organization. the​ entire collection is​ arranged chronologically from the​ first to​ last work. as​ you​ walk,​ you​ can clearly see the​ evolution of​ this master’s skill.

Anne Frank House

Who hasn’t read the​ intense diary of​ Anne Frank? Hiding from the​ Nazis,​ she and her family lived in​ an​ annexed section of​ an​ apartment in​ Amsterdam for two years. in​ 1957,​ the​ house was donated to​ the​ Anne Frank Foundation and turned into a​ museum. a​ visit will send chills through your spine. the​ museum contains films,​ the​ annexed area and the​ original notes of​ Anne Frank. a​ must see for anyone traveling to​ Amsterdam.

Beyond Amsterdam

For those needing a​ break from Amsterdam,​ there is​ much to​ be seen in​ Holland. if​ you​ are looking for a​ color explosion,​ consider taking the​ bulb cycling tour out of​ Noordwijk. Windmills your thing? Head to​ the​ De Zaan district to​ see them in​ action. Prefer to​ spend a​ night in​ a​ castle? Try the​ Castle Hotel Engelenburg,​ which even lets you​ ruin a​ good walk by playing golf.

Travel to​ Holland and you​ won’t regret it. Whether you​ want to​ “investigate” the​ countries liberal policies or​ simply bike through fields of​ tulips,​ Holland will satisfy.
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