Holidays In Cornwall And Devon Travelling The English Rivera

On the​ very south-western tip of​ England lies the​ beautiful county of​ Cornwall. With a​ delightful mix of​ superb beaches (among the​ best in​ Britain),​ outstanding scenery and charming towns,​ villages and cities,​ Cornwall has something to​ offer every traveller.

Despite the​ wealth of​ attractions & scenic beauty on​ offer,​ Cornwall has many affordable hotels,​ B&Bs & guesthouses to​ suit the​ budgets of​ all holidaymakers.

Cornwall is​ also Britain’s premier surfing capital – not surprising given that it​ enjoys the​ best weather anywhere in​ the​ country. it​ also has some of​ the​ cleanest beaches and attracts visitors by the​ millions every year.

Whether it’s lazing on​ lovely white beaches,​ ambling along wonderful sub-tropical gardens or​ exploring quiet,​ picture-perfect fishing villages you’re after,​ you’ll find it​ all when you​ visit Cornwall.

The famous King Arthur is​ also believed to​ have come from Cornwall,​ in​ a​ small town called Tintagel. Cornish history is​ mystical,​ ancient and highly fascinating. the​ many delightful towns and villages are often named after the​ Christian missionaries that have influenced them.

Like your food and drink? Cornish pubs are known for offering good hearty foods and your choice of​ flavoursome ales. And let’s not forget the​ “Cornish pasty” – a​ tasty must-have meat pie that must be experienced when visiting Cornwall.

Holidays in​ Devon

Devon is​ famously known to​ offer the​ traveller a​ feast of​ splendid scenery,​ lovely beaches and pretty harbour towns. Popular destinations within Devon include Plymouth,​ Torbay and Dartmoor National Park.

Devon is​ also a​ walkers paradise,​ and like neighbouring Cornwall is​ one of​ the​ most popular holiday destinations within the​ United Kingdom. And it’s very easy to​ see why – lush pastures break out into spectacular coastlines,​ making Devon a​ Mecca for those hunting for a​ taste of​ quaint old England.

While enjoying a​ holiday in​ Devon,​ be sure to​ experience the​ wonderfully rugged coastline scenery. Devon is​ also blessed with some stunning countryside – charming narrow little roads amble on​ for miles with nothing but lush greenery and flora that offers a​ myriad of​ explosive colours during the​ summertime. Driving through these single-lane roads is​ an​ experience like no other – arrive in​ a​ Devon town that’s dotted with charming thatched cottages and enjoy a​ cream tea and scone in​ one of​ the​ many tea-shops.

Devon offers the​ traveller a​ classic English village experience – and there are many great hotels,​ B&Bs and many more types of​ accommodation to​ cater to​ the​ needs of​ both the​ luxury traveller and budget conscious back-packer.

Devon also offers some of​ the​ best year-round weather to​ be found anywhere in​ the​ UK. Temperatures in​ January (when the​ rest of​ the​ country is​ shivering) average a​ maximum of​ 9 degrees.

If you​ enjoy coasts & estuaries then a​ holiday in​ Devon will delight you​ – the​ estuaries (such as​ the​ Teign) also attract many species of​ migratory birds.
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