Hitting The Library While Traveling Spain

Many people say there is​ nothing like a​ good book. How about a​ good building full of​ books and a​ lot of​ history. That is​ what one of​ Spain’s biggest attractions in​ Madrid has to​ offer. if​ you​ are traveling through Spain,​ you​ owe it​ to​ yourself to​ schedule a​ tour of​ the​ Biblioteca Nacional .

From the​ outside,​ the​ building is​ magnificent. it​ has a​ neoclassical façade and the​ archways are a​ site many spend a​ lot of​ time gazing upon. While it​ looks amazing from all angles,​ it​ really is​ breathtaking to​ walk straight forward towards the​ building and then look up,​ taking in​ the​ magnitude.

You may well run out a​ number of​ pictures on​ your camera with photos of​ the​ Corinthian column carvings,​ statues,​ and wrought iron gating. the​ doors are adorned with images of​ many of​ Spain’s most famous writers. you​ will be able to​ pick out Leon and Cervantes. Once inside,​ you​ can marvel at​ the​ books in​ the​ library. There are more than 5 million of​ them. While it​ is​ not the​ world’s biggest library,​ it​ is​ still impressive and is​ the​ largest collection of​ Spanish writings in​ the​ world.

The library’s books started with the​ 1712 formation of​ Phillip V’s royal library. Some of​ the​ books were acquired in​ the​ expected way,​ of​ being purchased or​ given to​ the​ library. Others,​ were taken in​ seizures. Now considered the​ National Library of​ Spain,​ the​ library has volumes that detail the​ complete history of​ the​ country and it’s growth through the​ centuries,​ as​ well as​ nearly anything you​ could imagine relating to​ Spanish culture. For history buffs,​ the​ fact that over a​ half million of​ the​ books are pre 1831 is​ a​ major draw.

Those with an​ appreciation for art may want to​ take a​ tour of​ the​ engravings and drawings in​ the​ collection,​ or​ the​ maps that show the​ paths explorers would take traveling the​ world. the​ library’s collection of​ these items are also unrivaled anywhere else in​ the​ world.

Even if​ you​ have no literary aspirations,​ you​ will still enjoy the​ inside of​ the​ library as​ much as​ you​ enjoyed the​ outside. the​ internal architecture is​ just as​ impressive. With the​ silence in​ the​ building,​ you​ can walk the​ halls and you​ may find your imagination taking you​ back in​ time through the​ centuries to​ get a​ feel for what it​ may have been like living in​ that far in​ the​ past. you​ can also think about the​ fact that the​ books and other works you​ can look at​ and study are those same pieces that have been looked at​ and studied by many royal figures in​ generations past.

In addition to​ being a​ location for research,​ the​ library also is​ often a​ location for exhibitions,​ showing off the​ drawings of​ artists such as​ Rembrandt.

The library is​ open all year long,​ and there is​ no charge for admission to​ the​ building.
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