Hiding Travel Money And Documents

Travel money belts are still a​ good way to​ carry cash. They're common,​ and thieves know of​ them,​ but it​ isn't easy to​ tell if​ your belt has a​ hidden compartment,​ and it​ isn't easy for a​ robber to​ get at​ it​ quickly. it​ is​ a​ good way to​ carry some of​ your cash when you​ travel. Here are some more ways.

There are travel options other than money belts for hiding cash and important papers. Use several of​ them,​ rather than putting everything in​ one place. Don't carry too much cash. It's easy now,​ almost everywhere,​ to​ access your money using an​ ATM,​ so carry enough for a​ few days,​ or​ a​ week at​ most.

There are pouches that hang under your shirt to​ carry your passport and other papers. They're obvious if​ you're wearing a​ light shirt,​ but then it​ is​ always hard to​ thoroughly hide a​ passport on​ your body. in​ any case,​ it​ isn't easily accessible to​ pickpockets.

I cut a​ pocket from some old pants and used a​ safety pin to​ attach it​ inside my travel pants. This has worked well on​ several trips. It's not noticeable,​ and would be difficult for a​ thief to​ get at​ without taking off my pants. However,​ it​ is​ inconvenient when I'm asked for my passport,​ since I have to​ reach into my pants.

Hiding Travel Money in​ Shoes

If the​ inner soles of​ your shoes are removable,​ put twenty dollars under each one for emergencies. This works well for me,​ but then I don't have expensive shoes that could themselves be a​ target. it​ is​ just another place,​ and you​ should always have several different places to​ hide cash when traveling.

Think creatively. Roll up a​ bill and put it​ in​ the​ handle of​ a​ disposable razor. Just don't throw it​ away by accident. Find or​ make other hiding places. if​ your money is​ in​ several hard-to-find places,​ it​ will take a​ persistent thief to​ find all of​ your cash. Make robbers truly work for their living.

Hiding money in​ your hotel room requires some thought. There are many good places. Ask any thief,​ and he'll tell you​ the​ best ones. Just choose a​ safe hotel and be careful. of​ course,​ hiding things will at​ least reduce the​ temptation for bad employees and lazy thieves.

I once had a​ wallet stolen from a​ zippered back pocket. it​ was a​ decoy wallet,​ so the​ pickpocket's skill earned him a​ few pieces of​ paper. Another time I had to​ drag a​ robber off a​ bus and wait for police,​ but his accomplice escaped with our money. Travel is​ about adventure,​ but fortunately we can hide our travel money and documents well enough to​ avoid this kind most of​ the​ time.
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