Herbal Nutrition Supplements

Herbal Nutrition Supplements
Herbal nutrition supplements the​ Alternative to​ hormone replacement therapy
Hair loss is​ a​ genetic/hormonal process that can affect both men and​ women . ​
Hormones that bind to​ hair follicles can cause an​ imbalance in​ the​ biological processes that cause hair growth . ​
Eventually,​ excess hormonal action on​ the​ follicle causes hair to​ stop growing and​ the​ follicle dies . ​

Hormones govern the​ growth of​ hair . ​
in​ men,​ the​ male hormone,​ testosterone,​ governs beard,​ body hair and​ hair in​ the​ armpits . ​
in​ women,​ estrogen,​ the​ female hormone generally prevents hair growth on​ the​ chin and​ encourages it​ to​ grow on​ the​ head . ​
Occasionally,​ women develop signs of​ hair loss or​ baldness when estrogen levels drop . ​

This patterned form of​ hair loss is​ called androgenetic alopecia . ​
This term means hair loss caused by sensitivity to​ male hormones which exist in​ both men and​ women . ​
DHT Dihydrotestosterone is​ one of​ the​ main enemies in​ the​ war on​ hair loss in​ women . ​

DHT is​ a​ potent form of​ testosterone and​ acts on​ hair follicles via androgen receptors . ​
DHT has a​ disastrous effect on​ the​ scalp hair follicles so they begin to​ shut down and​ the​ hair eventually falls out . ​
DHT can also cause the​ hair follicles to​ produce sebum . ​
Sebum is​ a​ fatty substance secreted from the​ sebaceous glands most of​ which open into hair follicles . ​

DHT is​ the​ natural metabolite which is​ produced due to​ action of​ two enzymes 5 alpha reductase type I ​ and​ II . ​
the​ number and​ distribution of​ androgen receptors in​ the​ hair follicles,​ the​ enzymes 5 alpha reductase type I ​ and​ II,​ and​ the​ local concentrations of​ dihyrotestosterone around hair follicles are the​ factors which are responsible for​ male androgenetic alopecia it​ is​ presumed that in​ women there are additional factors which come into play such as​ the​ concentration of​ Cytochrome P450aromatase near hair follicles as​ well as​ the​ distribution of​ androgen receptor proteins . ​
the​ cytochrome enzyme metabolizes androgens to​ estrogens,​ and​ modifies the​ ratio of​ androgens to​ estrogens by having a​ protective role by antagonizing the​ effects of​ androgens . ​

Differing concentrations of​ androgen metabolizing enzymes and​ androgen receptors have been identified in​ hair follicles from women compared to​ men . ​
the​ concentration of​ Cytochrome P450aromatase is​ six times higher in​ womens frontal hair follicles compared to​ mens frontal hair follicles . ​
Women also have around 3 times less alpha5reductase type I ​ or​ type II enzyme in​ their frontal hair follicles compared to​ men . ​
Conversely,​ androgen receptor content in​ frontal hair conversely,​ androgen receptor content in​ frontal hair follicles from men are 40% higher than for​ hair follicles from women . ​
These differences between men and​ women most likely account for​ the​ overt clinical differences for​ women pattern balding . ​

Many women in​ their 40s now take hormone replacement therapy as​ an​ option to​ treat pattern baldness . ​
Besides the​ hormone replacement therapy there are there are many herbal nutrition supplements
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shtml which can be used as​ alternatives for​ hormone replacement therapy not only to​ restore the​ hair growth but also for​ many other ailments . ​
Most of​ these herbal supplements are used in​ natural hair growth products . ​
Prevention is​ better than the​ cure and​ using these herbal supplements can stop the​ further hair loss . ​
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